Jesus x God

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Faible Med Haut

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5 réponses à “Jesus x God”

  1. Remy dit :

    Too expensive.

    Bought it because of the awesome description, but gave me quite a headache everytime. It went away after a while but then I crashed. Wouldn’t recommend as a daytime smoke.

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  2. Deryl dit :

    love Jesus x God ! ,oh ya this bud is good to.

    I have not had a much of a chance to try w.p. Higher priced flowers as they are often out of stock or I am to cheep.These are the best flowers I have received from wp.fresh sweet smelling with a tast to match. By the time you get a third way through a dubie the paper looks as though you put honey oil on it , and the effects are as if I did.

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  3. Steve dit :

    Amazing bud.

    My favorite Sativa from Whitepalm.

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  4. billy van scoy dit :

    execelent very good 4 star

  5. Humberto dit :

    Bad flushing / Light Burn, and it has no lemon or kush taste or smell as described. Seems to have turned to a sour vinigar smell. So 2/10 max on this on.

  6. Brandon dit :

    Busts up amazingly and rolls great. Smokes even better. Sneaks up on you but it’s surprisingly a very uplifting experience. Relaxed me completely while leaving me clear and energetic enough to want to complete my errands. Definitely would recommend for when your on the go and want something your gunna feel without becoming incapable. Put a smile on my face for the morning. Perfect morning smoke.

  7. William dit :

    Natural Robax

    Been using this for those nights when my shoulder is giving me a hard time. I smoke a bowl one night and my shoulder area is so relaxed that I get relief for a day or two afterwards. Nice tight buds with lots of crystals. Great for pain!

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  8. Steven dit :

    The name alone should give light to the potency. Found the smallest amount out of an acrylic water pipe got me to the ‘level’ I wanted to be at. As in, this strains mental stimulation is incredible, you have to try it to believe it! ;) The taste was okay, nothing to really note. Nugs were dense as all hell, and crystals galore. Like diamond encrusted gold those crystals.

  9. Riley dit :

    Sent from the heavens

    Very impressed at the jesusxgod when i opened it i was overtaking with a piney lemon smell. Fairly tight nugs busts up very well not to sticky not dust dry. Plenty of orange hairs had me drooling when i filled my volcano. after just a few hits you could feel your muscles relax while your mind stayed alert and focused. It was a great day medication for my depression as well another 5star product from getwhitepalm

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