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Kaia Kush

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34 réponses à “Kaia Kush”

  1. James dit :

    Je l'adore.

    This strain smells and tastes unbelievably sweet. The high is on point with the description as well. I’ve never smoked a Kush like it before and defiantly have to recommend this for anyone and everyone to try.

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  2. Andrew dit :

    Kick arse

    Great smoke, does remind me of a haze buzz which is a fav. I am a huge fan of haze genetics, then the indica kicks in an gives ya a mellowed energetic buzz. Also works as a sleep aid in high doses. (for me anyway)

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  3. michael dit :

    Excellent as usual from KF. Definitely helps alleviate the symptoms of depression. And was pleasantly surprised that it really does have long lasting effects. :)

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    • Michael dit :

      Thanks for the tip I've been long awaiting the return of the GSC strain see we spell our first name the same cool haha thanx for the review I'll try this strain soon now for my depression as well?

      Thanks to this system I’ll be looking forward to getting this for Managment of my severe depression glad Girl Scouts Cookies are bk that’s sweet but I won’t forget to get Kaia try it out soon!???

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  4. Lory dit :

    Kaia kush

    Pretty tasty good stone not to shabby

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  5. Brian dit :

    1ST time i have ever had Kaia kush.

    Appearance 9/10 Classic kush structure, dark green super dense nuggets just covered in sticky kush resin. Nicely trimmed and cured, this is the kind of bud that gets me excited.
    Aroma 12/10 Yes please! More please! Strong euphoric rich earthy kush scent that tickles the nose and numbs the throat, IMPRESSIVE, this is the stuff of dreams.
    Flavor 11/10 Heavy thick strong delicious kush flavored magic! Amazing in the herbalaire and the pax!
    Active effects 10/10 Absolutely awesome body and head high, amazing for pain relief and insomnia, long lasting and great feeling!
    Overall 10/10 Solid choice, hits hard on every level, tastes and feels amazing!
    Count me in as a HUGE Kaia kush fan from this point on!

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    • Brian dit :

      Side note....

      According to the official high times field guide to marijuana strains Kaia Kush is the love child of OG Kush and Super Silver Haze, it won a 1st place cannabis cup award for best sativa in 2007.

      Kaia Kush was named after the breeders daughter.

      I highly recommend picking yourself up a copy of the field guide, it could use a bit of an update but it is great for anyone who wonders where and how some of their favorite strains were breed into existence, it’s also full of interesting history of the breeders and growers themselves, $15 well spent, i also HIGHLY recommend purchasing the cannabis encyclopedia and the indoor outdoor medical growers bible, all amazing literature for the cannabis consumer!

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  6. Nicole dit :

    My go to strain!

    I need to get more of this! Meets the description bang on! My go to smoke for when my anxiety gets in the way of life. Or when I’m working on my paintings. I love it!

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  7. Nicole dit :

    Gets the creative juices flowing!

    I love how this strain doesn’t knock me out. The sativa effects in this truly shows through. Great daytime smoke!

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  8. Mike dit :


    Believe this is my 1st 5 star rating! I was not going buy anymore smokables for 2-3 months to clear out my supplies (hash,oil,shatter, weed) but I just had to get more of this. Got a half earlier this month of this fiiiine product! Grab me an ounce this time before it disappears LOL The buds were a nice size (I like big buds), smell is delicious, taste is awesome. I crave it sometimes because of taste. Very excellent stone, bit of a creeper. Took over #1 spot for me over Purple Candy. Great job Kootenay and WP

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    • Mike dit :

      One further note: I in bit of depression phase and this REALLY helps

    • Brian dit :


      I can’t keep my nose out the bag, i’m literally craving this aroma and flavor!
      just got another ounce in the mail this morning!, what a way to start the day!

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    • Mike dit :

      Kootenay kicks ass :-)

      Well got another ounce couple weeks ago. mmmmmmmm Worth every penny!!! Got a couple 2 gram buds, was hoping for 2-3 bigger buds. Forgot to mention on 1st review there is some stickyness to it. Also that it helped in the depressed phase I get into sometimes. Another thing, I adapt to a strain after 10ish grams but this weed is keeping it’s kick! 5 stars is just to few for this bad ass strain. Kootenay does such a great job on their dope, I considering them the top vendor :-)

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  9. Dylan dit :


    Like breathing in tropical air with a hint of mountain forest i love this strain recommended

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  10. T dit :

    So dank I almost gagged!

    This is only $5 more than on the street here in southern Ontario, but this product is light years ahead in terms of flavor and smell.
    Clears your sinuses. Strong kerosene/chemical smell (in a good way) you probaly get Alzheimer’s from the fumes.

    5 star smell

    Flavor doesnt translate ?, but more then one would expect coming across the country.

    4 star flavor

    As for the high.
    If weed kills your brain cells, at least those little guys are going out in a blaze of glory.
    Very fun, long lasting, speedy and creative.

    5 star high

    Overall probaly a 4.5, thanks folks.

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  11. Olivier Tomb dit :

    Kaia Kush

    Awesome strain: the bag appeal is probably the worst ive got from white palm (small nugs, not the best trim) but I like small nugs (less stem) so it’s not a problem for me. It doesn’t look quite as dark as in the picture.
    The smell is just insane, but I’m probably biased since SSH was my favorite strain out in Europe and the OG craze down here in America really got to me. Very pungent and gassy, you can really tell the haze and the og origins in the smell, and it becomes even more unbearable when you start breaking up the nugs. Not the best taste however, very ordinary but strong strain and chill high

    Bag appeal 8/10
    Smell 9.5/10
    Taste 7.5/10
    High 9/10

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  12. Jared dit :

    Different but good

    Havnt tried this erb before. It was good a bit leafy but good. Smell wasn’t overpowering like I like it though!

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  13. Angel dit :

    Happy uplifting

    This strain will gove you a happy uplifting energetic high. Definitely for daytime use. Delicious tasting and a wonderful scent

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  14. Khoa420 dit :

    Pan cake !

    Smell is great , the high is ok , not as potent as I would expected . Does give you a uplift high . Order a 7 of this and another 7 of another strain , shipped without protection , so I received a pan cake weed ! And mostly popcorn nugs ! This is my second time ordering flowers, same thing happened before , will definitely never order flower again! Very disappointed.

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  15. Mike dit :

    Enjoyed this one!

    I was impressed with this strain. It has a very nice texture and a nice kushy smell. The smell isn’t overwhelming or anything but it’s very nice. I had to dry it out a bit more when i got it, it has that great texture that comes from a slow dry but a bit of a lower humidity for the finished product would be nice. I left the top off the jar i put it in for a few day’s and still had to relight my joint often. That being said, once i got the stuff a bit dryer it burn’s nice. Very smooth smoke and a clean ash.

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  16. Angel dit :

    A wonder strain

    This kaia kush has quickly turned into 1 of my favourite go to strains. A Very sweet taste and a classic kush smell. Not for the novice but i recommend this to everyone else.

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  17. Aysia dit :

    beautiful bud

    an all-around great strain.

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  18. Fernando dit :

    Daytime pick me up

    For those days that the afternoon is dragging have a few hoots and BAM! Your afternoon will be sweet and your energy level with increase for sure. Love this smoke.

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  19. michael dit :

    Disappointed (this time)

    WP dropped the ball on this one. I think this is my 4th order of this strain (I really do like it a lot) and the quality sure took a hit. Gave some ‘bud’ (quotation marks really to signify a person with their two fingers gesturing quotations and saying bud in a questionable manner) that was trimmed terribly and basically was just… well plain leafy, not much bud or trichomes or… And last time I got nice, dense, sticky buds. Please try to keep the quality on the up and up that is why (I’m sure) many of us are here.

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    • Brian dit :

      I really hope there is more on the way...

      I have got to the point where i DON’T like to run out of Kaia and it seems like we nearing the end of this beautiful crop of gold,my last ounce i bought the day before it went on sale(of course) arrived all small buds, however someone must have taken your concern up and cleaned up the buds real nice, i mean they are cleaner than those giant sticky beautiful buds that we fell in love with, so if you want any more before it’s gone until who knows when i think you are safe to order more,if you don’t i will hahaha, the buds are small but clean and taste and feel like Kaia.
      This has become a must have.period.

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  20. Lory dit :

    Very nice stone relaxes me mellow

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  21. dwayne dit :


    sweet nice tasting weed great bang for your buck i even think this is my favorite tasting weed yet and ive tried the greasy pink bubba and id buy this over that becuase its priced great and tastes even greater!!

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  22. Dustin dit :

    Great smoke

    Great smoke nothing bad to say, it has that classic kush flavor i wll get again

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  23. marcus dit :


    This strain is great! One of these in the morning and your whole day will be magical!!

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  24. Ashley dit :

    Incredible SMELL!!!!!!!

    The smell on this strain is out of this world. So amazing!! I found this strain heavy hitting and loved the deep buzz I got after smoking Highly Recommended!!

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  25. Dominic dit :


    My favourite for day time use. I feel very creative when smoking it. I love it

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  26. Chelesa dit :

    Sweet Tasting

    well thought id try this Kaia Kush out .. i like the great sweet taste and the smoothness of the flavour. The buds are nice and tight, gives an awesome body high, totally relaxes the muscles and numbs pain. It has a nice smell when burning, not to strong of an odor. definitely would buy it again

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  27. Alexandre dit :

    First order ok buds for the price

    Iam licensed producter just want to give a try the product is ok but the package shiping is poor. ..the taste is good kush spicy tast very little but for a 7

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  28. Brandon dit :

    Not bad, but a little disappointed.

    Always wanted to try this as I love sweet-berry type strains. It did deliver but not as much as I was hoping for. Was not as potent as the reviews or the rating reflects, but I’m gonna’ chuck that up to just a mishap of some sort. The nugs I received were pretty small, popcorn size, mostly dried too much but a Bodeva pack helped. Not to my liking but I can deal with it. Taste is very, grassy with pine and a slightly sweet aftertaste. This was back in December though, so review is a little late! Overall, the quality was lacking due to the others in the past. I did get 2 other flowers with this order that was excellent, so quality is there overall, just a miss on this one for me.

    I hope to not see this quality decrease with my future purchases. This was back in December also, little late on the review.

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  29. Brock dit :

    Great Smoke! ?

    Great stuff all day! Nice potent smelling followed with a creative energetic buzz!

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