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Faible Med Haut

This is the King Tut Strain Quad (AAAA) edition. It's a bold Sativa with a no-holds-barred stance on potency. A rare feature of any Sativa.

The King Tut strain Quad Edition is a great choice for social outings or creative stimulation. This strain has built a reputation for having high THC levels, and the flavor has hints of fresh fruit and flowers that make this beautiful bud fit for a king!

As previously mentioned, The King Tut strain is a descendant of AK-47 and is extremely rare. You may experience an energizing, cerebral effect, which makes it an excellent choice for daily activities, exercise, or social events. The aroma and flavor are fruity with a sour, skunky element. Reviewers report King Tut is excellent for treating depression, chronic pain, inflammation, stress.

This is a higher grade batch than what we are used to. The buds glow with caked crystals and a lighter green colour that boasts quality smoke. These buds are not dried out or overly trimmed. Thus the trichome (crystal) and terpene integrity is maintained. Higher integrity means more cannabinoids. More cannbinoids means you get higher and the effects are more intense. Medicinal users will appreciate these additional attributes. Recreational users will appreciate just how high they get with these flowers. Rejoice!

Sativas are usually not as strong as Indicas but these are on point. It is the shared quest of the daytime-toker to find a day strain that really does the job. 40-year veterans can rejoice as this is the smoke that will deliver them to a gloriously non-sober state. If you need a go-to daytime strain that will keep you going and help with creativity, you should stock up on this one.

Strain type: Sativa

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Effets :
Energetic, Happy, Euphoric
Médical :
Stress, Depression, Pain
À propos du vendeur :
Boutique yet affordable cannabis growers from Vancouver, British Columbia.
8 Customer Reviews

18 réponses à “King Tut”

  1. Sylvain dit :

    Bon gout ,belle cocotte bien trimer
    Buzz pour la concentration parfait le jour pas trop puissant.

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  2. Ken dit :

    King tut

    Maybe just me but wasn’t a fan light buzz taste meh .
    Burn ok just not a strain for me .

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  3. Evan M. dit :

    King Tut review

    This bud came to me looking so good, exactly as pictured. The woody, sandalwood and musky resin had a really awesome aroma and the flavour translated perfectly. A great strain. Only reason I didn’t give this one a five star is that I thought the weed was like 80% of what it could be. It had a nice warm cozy couch effect but you felt energized, I think that both the resinous intesity of the bouquet and and even fuller presence of fruity notes and that deep musk could have developed. I wonder what an even more ripe batch would be like :) Such a nice strain. Will definitely buy again.

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  4. Alexander Kessler dit :

    Gorgeous buds

    I was enamoured with the appearance of the medium-sized nugs right off the hop. So frosty and orange, and the effects to match. Good sativa.

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  5. Corey dit :

    Nice smell lots of crystals I feel very energized after a few tocks good sativa for your money

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  6. Mat S. dit :

    King's treat

    Real nice sativa strain a little fluffy but frosty buds with lots of orange hairs, the high is very enjoyable during the day

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  7. Martha Dionne dit :


    Sativa’s aren’t my favourite but this is a good one for sure!

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  8. Zachary Johnston dit :

    Nice buds.

    Clean burn and went beyond expectations.

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  9. Geoff Neilson dit :

    Excellent smoke

    Burns clean and tastes good great high as well id purchase this again

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  10. Martin dit :

    Bon lot

    La dernière batch de tût était bien.Une coche plus au dessus.Un peu plus chère, mais la qualité et là.En gros THUMs up

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  11. Colleen dit :


    Great taste, great daytime weed.

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  12. Laurie dit :

    Mon nouveau favori

    Please keep this one in stock! I love this flower, perfect for daytime, productive activities and tastes incredible.
    My favorite sativa from whitepalm yet.

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  13. Jerome Dubois dit :

    Good. Not great...but good :-)

    Skunky, good batch. The high is not that strong nor last that long. but I kinda stay lit on it. Leaves you functionnal.

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  14. Jonathan dit :

    Great sativa

    Perfect daytime for me, I tried an 1/8 that I sneak into an order and I was impress with the quality. The aroma of the buds is really nice like said in previous comments. I will buy again if still in stock!!

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  15. Dave Sommerville dit :

    King Tut is tight. The bud is simply gorgeous and the aroma is breath taking. And, damn, it kicked my ass.

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  16. Adam Werner dit :

    Worth it!

    King Tut is an amazing sativa. I get a great head high, and don’t get tired. I will absolutely buy this again.

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  17. Valentine dit :

    Oh yeah

    Nice euphoric bliss and cerebral too.

    Have been keeping an eye for this strain for a while since I got some King Tut from the Guelph’s JE Wagner affiliated network of hydroponic was DOPE. This is a very close rendition.

    The high has strong time dilation but no short term memory loss effects, which is great for productive activities. It last for a good two hours, which will fly by. Perfect for mid-day slot to energize and rejuvenate or anytime as a coffee replacement.

    Glad I tried it. Now I am going to try and get my hands on the JE Wagner King Tut just released without going medical. Hrm … damn don’t you just love this new world?

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  18. Andre dit :


    Great weed, proper price too, fresh, burns clean , thick smoke and great sativa buzz. Price is legit

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