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Faible Med Haut

Frosted blueish purple nugs. Trichomes as a blanket. Sweet and sour nose. This Godzilla will seduce you and then treat you right.

Kootenay coming in hot! A new batch of Godzilla strain has arrived!

Crafted from the genetics of God Bud, the Godzilla strain is a mostly Indica Hybrid strain was originally bred by Caña de España but recently adopted by Kootenay Fire. Godzilla induces crushing euphoria with an onset of creativity and then sedation near the end of the trip. Both effects are accompanied by a sour berry flavour accented with subtle notes of vanilla. Real balanced. You could literally just waft the smell all day and be content.

Thoughts wander away, taking with them stress, anxiety, and depression. After some time, Godzilla’s effects subside to clearheaded, functional bliss. Wonderful people treating pain and muscle spasms may find relief in Godzilla’s tranquilizing effects. Not only will it take all of your pain away, it will make you feel so light you might forget you even have a body attached to that perfect head of yours.

Effets :
Relaxed, Creative, Happy
Médical :
Insomnia, Stress, Depression
À propos du vendeur :
Kootenay Fire
25 commentaires de clients

Kootenay Fire est fier d'être une force de production de marijuana durable en Colombie-Britannique, axée sur le cannabis cultivé en intérieur. Notre entreprise et notre marque embrassent les valeurs de la Colombie-Britannique et les motivations aventureuses. Nous nous concentrons sur les fleurs en petites quantités et sur le haschisch magistral qui sont destinés à compléter tous les types de styles de vie.

Le processus du feu de KOOTENAY

Kootenay Fire est l'un des meilleurs producteurs de marijuana récréative de la Colombie-Britannique. Son installation de culture ultramoderne et ses ANNÉES d'expérience lui permettent d'offrir une culture de pointe avec des souches en rotation.

Kootenay Fire fait revenir les fleurs qui ont rendu BC Bud si populaire.


75 réponses à “Godzilla”

  1. Mathieu dit :


    First time ordering at White Palm and was not disappointed with GODZILLA. The buds are a sight for sore eyes and the taste is amazing ! The description about the strain is on point. Will be ordering this strain and at White Palm again for sure !

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  2. Katarina dit :

    Most beautiful nugs

    I’ve never seen such purple frosty nugs in my life. Has a bit of a sweet pungent berry smell, really mellow high. Nice evening strain!

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  3. Aysia dit :


    Beautiful in appearance. Amazing taste. Smells LOUD. I need more.

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  4. George dit :

    Really nice buzz. Some buds look better than others though. Smell and bag appeal was really nice. Lots of purple hues in it as well. Not over powering but solid.

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  5. Mazin Ahmed dit :


    Everything about it is perfect.. The presentation, smell, taste, and of course the white ashes… 9/10.

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  6. Marisa dit :

    Solid budzilla

    As usual, Ashley knows what she’s talking about. I’m very particular when it comes to the potency, and often find myself thinking some strains are working for other people but not for me. Not the case with these purple nuggets. And I do mean purple nugs sprinkled with green and covered in dusty goodness. And I also find, after a couple of weeks on the same ounce, the buds get BETTER. As if. Great job on this one folks. If you’re looking for strong indica, this is the one.

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  7. Wayland Christofferson dit :

    Oh my Godzilla!!

    More purple than green in this bud and sooo crystaly it’s insane! Very tastey and fruity!! Must have!!! Good job peeps!

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  8. Roderick dit :


    didnt even look real at first.buds were so purple and caked with crystals.So smooth and perfect ,a real unique strain.

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  9. Brandon dit :

    1st impressions are everything

    This was the first time I’ve used white palm & definitely won’t be the last ! Shipping was fast and easy, the product was of high quality. Well worth the price imho.

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  10. Leslie dit :

    The bud was beautiful, the purple colour was so vibrant.
    The high was ok … It didn’t hit you in the face, but rather I found that it creeped up on you

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  11. Fernando dit :


    OMG! The buds were so thick and full of Cristal and deep purple nice and sticky, the smell and taste are nice. Will be ordering again soon.

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  12. Guillaume dit :


    The look talk itself, its the most beautiful bud ive never seen. Everything is purple the taste plus a bit of vanilla. The best Godzilla ive never see and taste thank you. The price worth it.

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  13. Jonathan dit :

    J'ai adoré.

    Nice color,dense, covered in crystals and not overwhelming. I quite enjoyed this.

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  14. Jeff dit :


    As others stated, it looks incredible. Not as good as greasy pink in my opinion, but still gets the job done. Can’t complain.

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  15. Akeela dit :


    omg I loved Godzilla it was so purple it was amazing I haven’t seen stuff that purple in a long time and the smell was really nice I loved it and I am for sure getting it again thank you GODZILLA!!!!!

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  16. Shane dit :

    Perfect Strain For Afternoons or After Dinner

    LOVE this strain. This is perfect for anyone that gets a bit anxious or paranoid on strains that are higher in THC, its the perfect balance and I guess the medium CBD level is what we have to thank for that. The bag appeal is outstanding and even when you grind it up it’s mostly purple with hints of green. My friends were very impressed with the way this stuff looks rolled up in a joint, as well as how clean the high feels. It’s focused unlike most Indicas. It almost reminds me of Purple Haze, with a little bit more pain relief rather than a Sativa head high. Absolutely recommend this strain.`

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  17. Joey dit :

    Godzilla review

    Great taste amasing look and great high will recommend for sure

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  18. Jenessa dit :

    really? how is everyone liking this?

    Looks AMAZING. but its light. its not a heavy hitter. and its expensive for what it is.

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  19. Jamie dit :

    Godzilla is great stuff!

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  20. billy van scoy dit :


    good pot very nice looking lots of crystals it just dont seem to have a big kick but does have a kick. too much money

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  21. Kristy dit :

    Love this strain so much

    The name says it all… amazing high!!! Love the purple nugs.

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  22. Angel dit :

    Phenomenal strain

    Absolutely phenomenal strain. Perfect for anxiety, depression, p.t.s.d, o c.d., insomnia and pain. The smell is like something you want to roll around in. A++++

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  23. Brian dit :


    Appearance 15/10 SERIOUSLY! What did they do to this bud?!? Deep blue and purple foliage just covered in thick large white resinous crystal, i mean the amount of tricombes is ridiculous, comical even!,this stuff looks like sour candy just covered in that thick sour sugar! AWESOME!
    Aroma 7.5/10 mild berry aroma, nice but to weak to earn a better score.
    Flavor 8/10 again mild berry flavor could be stronger, but the vapor itself is nice and thick with a bit of a kick inhaling and exhaling so that’s a plus.
    Active effects 9/10 fairly spaced out racey head high, decent body buzz, not a monster for pain relief by any means and i consider this a day time strain so i can’t see myself using it for sleep issues.It feels more sativa than indica to me…if you enjoy strains like blue coma or space nuken then this stuff will rock your world!
    Overall 9/10 the flavor and aroma have room for improvement, it could NOT possibly look any nicer, the high is fairly intense leaning more to the head than the body.
    *****PLEASE NOTE***** This bud arrived TOO DRY, the 1st crucible i vaped was weak, flavorless and disappointing, i put the remaining bud in a mason jar with a few drops of purified water and let it sweat for 2 days, when i opened the jar this morning the bud was in much better condition, lush with improved aroma, the bud also tasted much better with a thicker vapor that came with a bit of a kick inhaling and exhaling which i enjoy very much, i highly recommend anyone purchasing some zilla do the same!

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  24. Tom dit :

    Soo much purple!

    The bag appeal on this bud is legit like no other!! I was so beyond happy when I opened this bag I just wanted to order more so I don’t run out!! This is some of the BEST bud I’ve had from wp! Great job kootenay as always!

    Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Oui Non

  25. Paul dit :

    Yes, yes, yes.

    Didn’t think another grower could put out quality like the South Coast greaaaaaasyyyyy strains but this one does it. Keep em coming WP.

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