Lemon Thai

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6 réponses à “Lemon Thai”

  1. Conor dit :

    Decent Flavour, great uplifting high

    Tasty, and definitely a sativa to try. Great genetics. Can feel kind of like a coffee at times, which is nice for a day smoke/vape. I like this one before I workout.

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  2. Wayne dit :

    Fist time

    As i like my Sativa’s and haven’t tried this strain yet. Wow what a nose on this and has the classic Sativa look. Taste is awesome on this one. Very uplifting, energetic, and clear minded. High is almost immediate, one of those strain i just keep smelling lol.

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  3. Josh dit :


    If your looking for a classic sativa that will lift you to the sky, bringing all the sunshine and rainbows with you this is the one. Im a sativa fan and this is probably one of the best wake and bake strains I’ve had. Absolutely zero anxiety and perfect vibes to get the day started on a positive note, only wish i had ordered more because i love pure sativas and they seem to be far/few between. The bag appeal was good as well, it smells so good has a good trim and classic sativa looks.

    Taste 9/10
    Bag Appeal 9/10
    Buzz 10/10 Will fully sooth that sativa itch.
    Duration 2-3hrs

    Verdict 9/10 Really enjoyed it. Thanks to the growers and WP

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  4. Mathew dit :

    Damn nice

    Lemon Thai
    Another strain that is amazing for a boost of energy for a nice daytime boost that keeps you going, with a nice citrus flavor!

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  5. Dylan dit :

    Nice sativa

    Good for depression a very nice pick me up

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  6. Rahim dit :

    Great Sativa

    One of the best sativas I’ve tried. Very smooth, very cerebral. Great boost of energy. Got all my chores done for the day before noon! Better than a cup of coffee!

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