Laughing Buddha

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11 réponses à “Laughing Buddha”

  1. Cheryl Benson dit :

    Extremely disappointed little THC

    I have waited for a year to get this strain. This batch hardly has any THC. I have very low tolerance and have to smoke multiple joints to get a small buzz. It smokes and smells like and the high is like a homegrown plant you tried to grow in your home. Has the THC been taken out for dabs or shatter it seems like it. The price $150 of this! There is many who sell AAAA+ Buds on $70-140 ozs I upped to 2 stars from 1 because after 3 joints it’s a subtle stone you can do anything on it . Not for $150 or $100 there is some thing wrong that the THC is so low.

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  2. Vicki dit :

    It’s alright.

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  3. Brett Bowman dit :

    Great stuff!

    A good price for the product. Some HUGE nugs in mine, very uplifting and enjoyable strain. Made for some good laughs amongst friends. Another great purchasing experience from WhitePalm, I’ll be ordering again.

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  4. Brian paolino dit :

    This that Piff

    My friend ordered some and I had a few drags. It was great quality. I would say AAA MIn but IMO this was AAA+.flower all for a very fair price. Thank god for moms bc dispensaries are a joke

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  5. Bradley dit :

    Buds smell like heaven

    The smell of these nugs are unreal and a matching high as well.

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  6. Brian dit :

    Not my usual thing but enjoyable.

    Appearance 7/10 light green buds, nice white crystal.lots of dark hairs,ok cure,the trim is not amazing,some burnt leaves from being to close to the light, typical sativa,some buds are nice and dense and other’s are loose and fluffy.
    Aroma 8/10 sweet fruity spice, very similar to juicy fruit and bruce banner in my opinion.
    Flavor 8/10 again sweet fruity spice, not a real throat tickler but the vapor is strong enough to be quite nice, very much reminds me of juicy fruit and chernobyl, of the three i would prefer the budda.
    Active effects 8.5/10 nice early day high,it will elevate your mood and give you a burst of energy, also come’s with a mild body stone so that’s nice, the high seems to have a nice long duration.
    Overall 8/10 a nice change up from the usual, i don’t often buy or consume sativa’s but it’s summer time so why not add some to the order?

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  7. Anthony Fernandes dit :

    Nice and Social Buzz

    Can never go wrong with this strain for the price, makes you very euphoric and sociable, my preference however is the Space Nuken’ had to re-up on another ounce of that for the after work tings… ;)

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  8. marcus dit :


    a very nice strain, I recommend it!!

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  9. Brendan dit :

    just sbove average

    not out ofthis world or anything but overall decent

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  10. Tanya dit :

    Its an alright buy...

    THC is low so needed more than usual to get a buzz. Was excited to try but wont buy again anytime soon unless its on for a deal. Still good.

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  11. Aysia dit :

    feeling good

    it really does make you feel nice and uplifted, however i had to smoke more than i would’ve liked to before i felt stoney. it’s smooth. anxiety lifting.

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