Lemon Mac – 10:1 THC:CBD

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2 réponses à “Lemon Mac – 10:1 THC:CBD”

  1. Joshua Shepherd dit :

    Do yourself a favor and grab some of this before it's gone

    I’ve been following Capulator who grew the MAC strain for years now and I have been wanting to get my hands on it ever since and have not yet succeeded. But now I’ve got my hands on some of its lineage and I couldn’t be more impressed. I’m an avid indica user but I must say there are some sativa strains that are a must try amd this is one of them . It definitely holds both creative and sedative effects which are an absolute perfect fit during the day when you want the body effects of a good indica but need to get stuff done. I usually order the Southcoast Greasy pink bubba but Valley Craft Cannabis has found it’s perfect home here at Whitepalm. Grab some while it lasts!

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  2. Trish Tomicic dit :

    Unbelievable Stuff......

    Just Got This And I Am So Impressed!!!!10 for Looks 10 for Smell 10 for Taste 11 for Buzz!!!Just Ordered Another Oz!!!Grab while it Lasts!!!!

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