Lemon Wreck (Lemon Diesel x Trainwreck)

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5 réponses à “Lemon Wreck (Lemon Diesel x Trainwreck)”

  1. Katie dit :

    This is an awesome hybrid, the smell and taste is delicious! Looks even better than the picture; super nice high :)

  2. Jean-Robert dit :

    Good one !

    **I Always Use a Volcano Vaporiser, using 0.25g/Bag. ** … The Lemonwreck are good, dont have a big Lemon taste but little fruity that is nice.

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  3. Eric dit :

    Much better then outdoor!

    Even though only 20%, this is very enjoyable, effective smoke for glaucoma, loss of appetite, insomnia, migraines, etc.

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  4. Mike dit :

    It’s nice to order from a vendor that doesn’t just use leafly pictures to depict their product. I”m so happy with the quality of product at White Palm. The lemon wreck smells and tastes delicious, and leaves me nice and stoned without being destoyed on the couch. Wicked hybrid.

  5. peter dit :


    I enjoyed this strain very much great flavor just really nice smoke will definitely purchase this again…another home run White Palm.

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  6. Liam dit :

    Grabbed a quarter came as one huge cola… which I love! Nice lemon taste with musky after taste . Nice mellow buzz good for day and night.

  7. Victoria dit :


    Nice relaxing strain. Very smooth.
    Not sure about anyone else but when I smoke Lemon wreck before bed, I have the most strange and interesting dreams, but that could be caused by the “munchie effect”. Defiantly get a sweet tooth during my high. Some say to many sweets before bed will give you bad dreams. Coincidental? Maybe. ?

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  8. Cory dit :

    This was one of the best herbs yet! Help me with EVERYTHING! Great job 5 stars!

  9. luke dit :

    tried a lot of these online dispensaries but this ones my fav

    super clean burning with almost white ashes, perfect smell, big grams and tastes exactly the way it smells, sort of like a seat and sour dank and extremely enjoyable anytime of the day smoke.

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  10. James dit :

    I loved train wreck..This stuff is Wicked Shit..

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