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Lindsay OG Terpene Sauce (1g)

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$120 $100

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6 réponses à “Lindsay OG Terpene Sauce (1g)”

  1. Brad dit :


    This stuff is straight up FIRE! VERY nice and very intense high…a lil pricey but whatever…quality and door to door service account for something. Only downside….wish I could afford more…lol.

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  2. Aysia dit :

    top notch stuff

    smooth, mouthwatering taste as always with the terpene sauces. the high is intensely strong. little goes a long way. high is long lasting too. depression, stress, pain, etc.. have no chance. it’s so beautiful

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  3. Kris Kiraly dit :

    Incroyable !

    This stuff is amazing looking tasting and smoking . just a little pricey or id say 100 lol.

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  4. Matthew dit :


    This stuff just might be the best tasting cannabis product ever, the high is completely mind blowing. A real winner, it also gets me all worm and fuzzy because I know the namesake town quite well from my childhood.

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  5. Paul dit :

    Too Strong?

    Nothing to date has ever been TOO strong but this stuff will approach that mark very closely if you over indulge. FIRE!

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  6. Cody dit :

    Bombe !

    Wow. Ever come across something that just kick’s your ass to the couch .. or baffles the mind u just sit and can’t process much.. well this is it… I am a very seasoned smoker to the point nothing really ever gets me stoned anymore.. until I tried this.. my wife asked me a question 3 different Times and I thought I knew what she was saying but I kept silent. Just one of the many stories of me actually getting wrecked on something.. So .. she doesn’t like when I’m on this stuff but I love it. Actually high! Not for the rookie stoner. Trust me, I just got 2 more grams.. and am stoked for the next time I can get mangled! White palm is forsure a great spot for primo products. Yum can’t wait. Just wish it was a bit less in price but. Is what it is. A primo products not the every day.

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