Champignons magiques

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Champignons magiques
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An advanced strength level magic mushroom from the tropical islands for Martinique. This is a very rare strain and the price is killer!

Thought to have originated in South America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific coast of Mexico, the Martinique cubensis is a very rare and potent magic mushroom strain.

Expect above average intensity compared to other magic mushroom strains. Intense euphoria, happiness and uncontrollable laughter, synesthesia, uplifting energetic feelings, visual/bodily stimulation, and deep introspective thought.

Start by taking 1-3g and wait 45 minutes for the trip to begin. Trip lats 4-5 hours.

2g of Martinique cubensis does what an eighth of any competitor would do. She is strong like the ocean!

If you’re looking to start microdosing please checkout this awesome beginners guide to microdose mushrooms.

How to micodose Martinique magic mushrooms:

The microdose regimen is a 3 day cycle. On day 1 you consume and on day 2 and 3 you do not. This allows for your system to reset so that your tolerance doesn’t interfere with the magic effects.

For microdosing use 0.1-0.3g per day.

For recreational dosing, the dose is really up to you. There are some folks that love going on long spiritual journeys where they take 3-10g. For a fun time at a social gathering you can get away with 0.5-1g.

Rec Effects:
Intense euphoria, happyness, laugher
Microdose Effects:
Focus, Elevated Mood
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4 réponses à “Martinique”

  1. Guillaume D dit :

    Was I in Martinique?

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    I did experienced the Martinique yesterday evening, on a Friday night (covid lockdown/curfew style)
    I took 1g of it after a light dinner and I got high for a good 4hours.
    It was a good high, I felt happy, I laughed for nothing, and the body sensation was more intense than I expected. I really felt good!
    I smoked weed during the trip, RockstarKush and GranddaddyPurple, and other. I think it enhanced the buzz.
    After 4 hours I felt the buzz going away smoothly.
    The next time I’ll probably go for 1.5g or 2g.
    That’s a really shrooms, at a very good price!

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  2. Chris dit :


    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Shine like the fucking star you are!

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  3. megan dit :

    This is amazing 👏🏻

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    I’m not a light-weight when it comes to my mushroom doses, but I took 3 grams of this just for a chill afternoon, and feel like I took waaaaay more.
    Not kidding when they say it’s potent.
    Beautiful feels, fantastic airy high. Can’t go wrong.

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  4. Chris dit :

    Never Felt So Light

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Hey folks! Well I took the plunge on these bad boys and they were great I found. Tried 1.5 grams first (my test dose) and no visuals at that, but the body high was awesome. Cerebral as well. Super floaty and light feeling. Waited two weeks to baseline and made a 2.5 gram tea. Once again, no body load whatsoever. Light distortions and visuals at this dose, but super happy and euphoric for my 4 or so hours. I had bouts of absolutely uncontrollable laughter. Great time and for $4 a gram?! Cmon now! Thanks GWP and Marihuana! Pretty great stuff.

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