Moby Dick

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20 réponses à “Moby Dick”

  1. Riley dit :

    Top 10 strain

    Moby Dick has got to be in my new top 10. with an exceptional head high, slightly euphoric. The strain smelled nice and hit good, relaxed the hell out of my entire body. I’m usually an edgy guy, this was definitely great for relaxation and a heavy head high but not enough to keep me down, ready to go about day with a good mood on this one. Definitely a morning smoke. Very dank.

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  2. Steven dit :

    The higher end strains are worth there price, for what you get. What aloured me to this strain was the THC conetent being so damn high. Has a great taste to it, noticed a citrus tone. Made me quite ecstatic for the first hour or two after smoking. Though it plateues into a calming phase where I found insomnia not-to-be-a-problem. For the price it’s hard to beat.

  3. Lisa dit :


    A very happy head high, and the body relaxes into it. I went for a walk as I medicated, and the beauty of nature was emphasized even greater upon puffin’on this flower. Very pretty and bright buds that go very far, with a potency that will make you come back for more.

    Great service…some very dedicated and big hearted people over at WhitePalm. Thanks people.

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  4. peter dit :


    What more can i say…the product arrived on time and as advertised thanks White Palm.I agree with all the previous reviewers a wide awake head high followed by a feeling of well being and relaxation that has been hard for me to achieve.Perfect for my depression and anxiety and fatigue.

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  5. Jennifer dit :

    My new fav

    This strain was everything Dean promised and more. Fantastic pain relief which is hard to achieve in my world. I have purchased this strain 3 times now and have not been disappointed with the product or the service. Tipping my hat to White Palm.

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  6. Alessandro dit :

    It is not down on any map; true places never are.

    “I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I’ll go to it laughing.”
    ― Herman Melville, Moby-Dick
    Moby Dick is awesome for making simple tasks great. I cleaned the entire house in a euphoric haze. Two hours later my small apartment was spot less. My back, knee and ankle pain just melted away and everything else felt calm like tall ship with out a breeze. Highly recommended.

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  7. Juanita dit :

    While enjoying it’s smooth taste I noticed the slight citrus flavor which only added to my enjoyment. Helped with my depression and my insomnia all in one bowl. I was able to fully functional yet be relaxed throughout the day.
    Highly enjoyable and worth every dollar paid

  8. Steve dit :

    Top 2

    One of my favorite WP`s Sativa , along with Jesus X God. Both a must try for Sativa fans. Smooth and fun.

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  9. Ben dit :


    Beautiful smoke for sure !

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  10. Tara dit :

    Smells great, tastes great, great daytime smoke. One of my favourites.

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  11. Ron dit :

    Nice taste

    Very good and fresh enjoy fast delivery

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  12. Keith dit :

    The taste is good for wake and bake goes great with my morning coffee

  13. Cory dit :

    Really great job on this ?? ? ? ?

  14. Justin dit :

    Really beautiful bud. I’m currently sick with a cold and this instantly took me from weak and lethargic to happy and motivated.

  15. Tim dit :

    Kick A$$.

    5 stars in all categories. Ease of membership, easy ordering, awesome communication, delivery top shelf. Ordered tues afternoon and hand delivered Friday at my door. Service at its finest. Enjoying the blasts off the free phant pen and just into the Moby Dick. Time for some guitar strumming.

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  16. Nicolas dit :

    A little hit of this is perfect for a morning smoke, and heavy head high if consumed in large amounts. I really enjoyed it!

  17. James dit :

    This 5* stuff..Don’t no why I can’t use stars to
    I’m Fried is why..
    Thanks guys and gals

  18. Tab dit :

    This is definitely one of my Top 5 faves, it’s a wicked head high with tons of mental boost.
    It was like a fresh wake up boost- the first cpl hours, unbelievably productive. Afterwards, a mellow chill effect. This is definitely my fave “day off- sh!t needs to get done” strand of choice. :-)

  19. Gregory dit :

    I like the smell of the buds and it leaves you super couch locked. I recommend only night time use because some hits may hit you harder when you don’t expect it.

  20. billy van scoy dit :

    old moby

    this is second time ive tryed the dick haha. very nice very smooth but this second batch is not as tasty as my first batch.but that will not stop me from getting moby again. hats off good job

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  21. paul dit :

    Love this strain ..nice taste and awesome uplifting high …a favorite of mine

  22. Daniel dit :

    Not normally into sativas, but with the high THC content I made an exception and I’m so glad I did. This strain is the bees knees, tasty as hell and it will get you mega ripped!

  23. Jean-Robert dit :

    Benefits of Citrus

    I Only use a Volcano, The Moby Dicks are really surprising citrus flavor, really strong. that one of my best choice if you like citrus weed ! You wont be disapointed !

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  24. Jesse dit :

    This is alround quality. The look of the buds surpassed my expectations and the smell makes me crave it and last the high made me zone out into a 2 hour long documentary. I would recommend this one to any die hards. Go whitepalm go

  25. Jean-Robert dit :

    AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! 6 Stars

    **I Always Use a Volcano Vaporiser, using 0.25g/Bag. **, The MobiDick are one of the best weed i try, very a big lemon smell and taste. a good buzz,hit strong but not overwhelm !, Its like Jean Guy X100 with WhitePalm Quality ! Thanks

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  26. Eric dit :

    YES, finally here!

    Had this before and it’s immaculiar!

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  27. Richard dit :

    That strain is my first 100% Sativa strain and WOW!! Super nice wide awake head high. I can smoke some moby dick and do some homeworks without problems. Totally recomended

  28. Eric dit :

    Excellent strain!

    Had this for years and has to be in the top 10.

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  29. John dit :

    All I can say is wow..this strain rocks on all levels..taste, smell, beautiful of my top 5…its a whale of a buzzzzzzz

  30. Aaron dit :

    Love the Sativa strains hope to see more or more sativa dominant hybrids! Strain worked great to smoke during the day or whenever! Will be looking for more of this!

  31. Mike dit :

    Expected a higher quality sativa for all the hype. The bag I got wasn’t bad, but it had pretty short-lived effects, and zero bag appeal. Not awful, but certainly not great bud. Think I’ll try the cheese next time.

  32. Robert dit :

    This product is one of the best I’ve had for pain cleaner and more natural then any pill I’ve tried for it and I’ve had some big ones but they don’t even come close so moby dick will be in my top five for pain very nice stuff and nice and smooth nice taste

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  33. Daniel dit :

    Second time ordering and was not let down. Always a strain I like to have on hand. Gets you hella stoned, but has a very uplifting and clear headed high. Love that dick!

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  34. Nicholas dit :

    Nice head buzz.

    Gives you a clean head buzz yet gets you energized. My fiance smoked it the first time and started cleaning the bathroom right after. Highly recommend!

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  35. Joshua dit :

    Sativa lover heaven

    This flower was Straight fire awesome for daytime use

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  36. Joshua dit :

    Quad Sativa Strain

    this stuff was a great daytime smoke/vape its one of my top sativa strains from whitepalm.

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