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Mullumbimbi Madness Diamond Terpene Sauce (1g)

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$120 $100

$120 $100

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3 réponses à “Mullumbimbi Madness Diamond Terpene Sauce (1g)”

  1. Paul dit :

    Must try for extract connoisseur

    I am telling you. Please do not miss this. It’s special AF. I tried the Harmony and OG a few months ago but this exotic beauty beats the cake. The price is a bit of a deterrent if you don’t know what is good but if you do know what is good then you will pay it because it’s simply friggin special. Loaded up 5 jars of this guy and 5 jars of the Chem Fire one. Beautiful goodness.

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  2. Aysia dit :


    mouthwateringly good. my god. longest lasting high i’ve had in a while. probably lasted about 5 hours. smooth. happy to say you need only the smallest amount to feel the effects. very uplifting, euphoric, and feeds creativity

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  3. Aaron dit :


    Super potient smelling and the effects too! Nice little treat!

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