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Imagine an edible that starts to kick in within minutes, not hours. Welcome to the world of Nano THC Canna Drops emulsions, taking extracts and edibles to another level. By Happy.

Nano THC Canna Drops is a unique THC product that gives you a much better sense of how to self-medicate. Feel the effects of an edible tincture in as little as 10 minutes when applied under the tongue. That’s Fast! No other product like it.

Conveniently packaged in our small/discreet/easy to carry 10ml droppers, providing 100mg of of total THC per bottle

10mL bottle = 10 x 1mL doses

Trust us, you won’t need more than 1 dose.

If Buckley’s made a cannabis product, it would be this. Remember their slogans: “taste awful, but it works”, well we have something for you that fits into that same way of thinking.

Instead of masking the flavour of cannabis, it is the only flavour you’ll taste in this product. So if you are not brave enough to take the Nano Canna straight, fear not, as a little pineapple juice, or any strong edible essential oil can really help mask the flavour. Best to hold the Nano Canna under the tongue for up to a minute or two, to allow as much Nano THC to pass through the mucus membrane in the mouth and directly into the bloodstream.

What you swallow will also continue to be absorbed at a quicker rate. So expect the first wave to hit you within the first 10 min and feel more like when you smoke THC.

The second wave will come roughly 45min to an hour later, but because it will pass through the liver, you will feel more of a typical edible-high as you are turning THC into 11-Hydroxy THC in the liver. These two waves make it a little easier to figure out your favorite dose amount but also give you a unique edible experience.

Now introducing strain specific drops

Starting with the Green Congo variation.

Grown in small craft batches in BC these rare Vancity Green Congolese flowers are impeccable. The core essence of what makes Vancity Landrace Green Congolese such an unique strain is that it gives an exceptional energizing experience. Offering a bright focused cerebral high that inspires creativity and activity. This is the ideal stain for any Sativa connoisseur.

Perfect for daytime use with a guarantee to elevate and keep you going without burnout. Vancity Congolese being exotic, has a complex profile of strong spicy deep citrus flavors which makes it a special treat to taste. With its powerfully uplifting properties. This flower cultivated by Kindle Bloom is the number one choice for anyone interested in a strain to motivate, enliven and invigorate.

A great medicine for fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety and can even be used as an aphrodisiac.

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The HAPPY Process

Happy Vape and Shatter’s additives are all organic. All processing is done with pride so there are as few issues as possible with their products.


3 réponses à “Nano THC Canna Drops”

  1. Marcos dit :

    No idea where this hype comes from

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Non

    “Trust us, you won’t need more than 1 dose.”
    This is what made me only take .6 of an ml for my first dose just to be safe. Felt a little initial buzz as advertised and then I barely had any effects after that. Thankfully I have a syringe for oils from my medical LP so I could measure precisely because this bottle gives no measurements. The problem here is that I have tried 1 full ml of this on multiple occasions with very minimal effects. I also don’t have a very high tolerance to edibles. To give more insight I have purchased the 3:1 (3cbd:1thc) phoenix tears softgels by KindLabs on here and felt very pronounced effects from just ONE! I have replicated these results multiple times and I always hold it under my tongue for at least 3 minutes so I don’t understand if it is because this is supposed to be a functional sativa or what. I felt like I’ve been finessed by the best for my money. I love Kindle Bloom product and I know it their flower they use here I don’t know how to explain this guys but I’m just disappointed.

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  2. Kyle Oborne dit :


    I’m usually not an edible guy but I like these. It burns the throat a little bit but it’s all good. Good feeling and fast acting.

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  3. Tracey dit :

    FINALLY they are back

    Probably the best thc oil drops i’ve ever tried and i’ve tried around 20 different products. The description is on point in regards to how fast acting and effective these are. cant wait to try the strain profile ones since im a huge fan of the green congo strain. thanks gwp!

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