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11 réponses à “Nu PHOENIX TEARS 1:1 (CBD/THC)”

  1. Brandon dit :

    So besides that fact that, when squeezing the applicator trying to get my gran sized dose I ended up squeezing to hard and shooting out atleast 10-15x the recommended dose, this product is exactly as advertised. Just be careful your first time trying to get the dose because all of a sudden the applicator gives way so only push very very lightly.
    I am completely stoned. Giggly started about 5 minutes after my “accident” and cleaning up my mess(by eating it), shortly after the body buzz came, then all of my anxiety and any physical pain just melted away off to never never land…
    Highly recommend. Have yet to try on bad arthritis for father but so farm it helped instantly with anxiety, stress, pain from chrons and gave me an INSTANT but healthy appjtite. You cannot go wrong.

  2. M. Jay dit :

    There should be a disclaimer

    I followed Brandon’s advice from above and was super careful about not pressing too hard on the plunger but still had the same problem, and I lost half of the oil on the table right away. If this product wasn’t so expensive it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal but to lose $25 right out the gates is unacceptable. I will not be buying this product again and I will be contacting the manufacturer about this terrible delivery system. Buyer beware!!!!!!

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  3. Tony dit :


    Just tried to use for the first time. And like Brandon and M. Jay. Over half of the oil shot out all over my table. Luckily I had papers there. Great product but horrible applicator. Please please is there a different applicator that can be used or are we supposed to waste $25 every time we use it?

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  4. Thomas dit :

    I ordered the Phoenix tears and when I used it the first time I was very careful, I applied very little pressure and it felt as though it was stuck and then it let go and I lost over half of product on the floor. It seems like this is a known issue

  5. Colette dit :

    Using the applicator

    You just need to understand how the medication moves especially when kept in the fridge. Pull back on the applicator plunger pulling in air and just go slow.

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  6. David dit :

    Get a vile

    I decided to get a vile at the local smoke shop and just poured all the tears into it, the reviews are true, syringe is extremly sesetive and youll loose half of it if you arent careful. HIGHLY recommed getting a vile or a small container to pour it in!

    The high is on point though!

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  7. Aysia dit :

    It's fine lol

    I guess I got a good one from the batch because the applicator is fine on mine! Great product I think

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  8. Bruce dit :

    Un truc génial

    Love this great quality

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  9. Thomas dit :

    Super !

    Highly reccommend keeling it in a rubber vile to not waste any of it. I love how many ways there is to use it. Its awesome for lain relief if you dont mind the high fron the thc and dont wsnt to pay extra for the pure cbd one. Always eat with it or it makes your stomach feel bare lol

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  10. Jared dit :


    Good product easy on the go but comes out very runny if you don’t put in fridge and cool before use!

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  11. Mathieu dit :

    Comme annoncé

    Delivers on its promises

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  12. Joshua dit :


    Get some.You’ll like it.

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  13. Mathieu dit :


    As advertised and more. Will buy again in the future.

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