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9 réponses à “Nu PHOENIX TEARS THC (600mg)”

  1. Tom dit :


    Doesn’t last long and never really felt any effects

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  2. Jared dit :

    CBD an THC my favourite

    This is a serious product! Love the package, love the taste. Very happy

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  3. Thomas dit :

    Step it up for experienced users

    I love this stuff however i preferably like to dab and it doesnt work well with dabbing. Wpuld be cool to make some slrtof pheonix tears dab or something. Love the taste and ks very effective however for myself a grain of rice sized hit or taste is absolutely a joke lololol. More like 6 grains. Would like to see larger sizes

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  4. Aysia dit :


    This isn’t the most powerful batch of phoenix tears, but this is undeniably some goooood stuff! If you’re suffering from pain, or need an appetite, this is for you!

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  5. Eric dit :

    Top notch folks:)

    Very smoothing, delicious, Very effective for anxiety and loss of appetite

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  6. Angel dit :

    Average oil

    Personally i really love a good oil, however this phoenix tears is an average oil. It took a lot more than a grain of rice. I do find it better when smoked then when ingested.

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  7. Nick dit :

    Nu Phoenix tears THC (600mg)

    My mom has COPD and I bought this for her and she said that she can feel it working all the mucus in her lungs and starting to clear up and she has an easier time breathing now Great stuff Will buy more thanks get white palm

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  8. Aaron dit :

    Having never tried an edible oil the taste was quite strong for me. I found it best to put some on a small piece of bread and take it that way! I read the reviews and took only about a rice bit size the first time but found I didn’t feel much so I did take it quickly taking about 0.2ml twice a day.

  9. James dit :

    Another great product from Nu very high quality oils from these guys. This is great for pain relief and will make you sleep like a baby lol. It is very powerful so be careful how much you take start off small and work your way up. It can take awhile to kick in so wait at least an hour before taking more. The oil is a bit runny so i empty the syringe into a small container, like the ones some of the lip balms come in and either dip my finger in or use a toothpick. Great product excellent pain relief.

  10. Shelley dit :

    Nu Phoenix Tears

    I ordered the Phoenix Tears for the first time from White Palm, as I have always ordered from another distributor. The way this oil is packaged, is unacceptable! I went to release a few drops as I always do and half of the syringe squirted half way across my bed. Never mind the stain, but to waste half of this product for the price is not good. I bought tow, and I really wish I had not. I will now out it all into coconut oil to administer, but this has to be addressed with NU! I will not order again unless they fix the problem.

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    • marihuana dit :

      Hey Shelley,

      We have already asked Nu to change their recipe so that this does not happen and they listened to us :) The new batch of Phoenix Tears will not be like this anymore.

      • jeremy dit :

        get white palm

        get white palm is an amazing company im sorry this issue with the other company im sure that our good buddy dean tried everything he could to fix that issue unfortunetly i think this is poutta his hands but im sure they gunna fix u uo sumhow but yah id just go ith the quarrry honey oil man its off the chain man very well package and u get it right tho the last drop trust me when i tell u this man that honey oil is off the rockers im an expericed get white palmer and this product by quarry any of the OMG BUDDY OMG Hope this tip helps u out on ur next purchase and hope they didnt loose u as a customer becuz of phonex

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  11. Joseph dit :

    this stuff is powerful medication… only take small rice size amount it suggests great stuff

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