THC Cannabis TINCTURE (Grapeseed Oil – 30mL Bottle)

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Une réponse à “THC Cannabis TINCTURE (Grapeseed Oil – 30mL Bottle)”

  1. Denise dit :


    The taste is definitely something to be acquired, subtle and yet lingering, but then I’m pretty sensitive to taste. This product does what it’s supposed to.

    Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Oui Non

  2. Ryan dit :

    Enjoyed this product. Worked well just a bit pricey

  3. Kristy dit :

    Like the suddelty of this product, Acquired taste at first but now I love it haha

  4. Nicole dit :

    This was a life saver for me. I was very ill and not able to inhale but still needed to medicate an this bottle of stuff right here, saved my butt from having no medicine.. If you need an alternative to bud or other concentrates this is the best route to go.. works great with just one dose. Price point is good for the doses you can get out of it depending on your tolerance.

  5. Ashley dit :

    Absolutely wonderful!

  6. Eric dit :

    Grapeseed is a good way to make it though.

  7. Eric dit :

    ya, it’s good… Price wise, can get same strenght for almost half the cost….

  8. Sandra dit :

    Loved this! Easy to microdose!

  9. Chris dit :

    Definitely liked this. A tastier alternative to the MCT oil I’m used to. Will definitely be buying more soon.

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