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12 réponses à “Big Bud”

  1. Angel dit :

    Takes me back

    I have been looking for this since i was 18. Has always been 1 of my top 10 faves ever. Perfect for people suffering from p.t.s.d., anxiety, pain, insomnia. Love love love it. Ty whitepalm!

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  2. Josh dit :

    good for anxiety !

    it has a pleasant smell and the buds are large to medium size smokes great! and it melts away my anxiety with ease i like it ! :)

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  3. Jaclyn dit :

    Big Bud, Big disappointment

    I’ve purchased several of these commercial grade flowers and have been quite satisfied until Big Bud. Have to smoke large quantity to get buzz and even then it’s not overly prounounced. Easily mislead by write up and others reviews.

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  4. Justin dit :

    Definitely commercial grade

    It’s good for the price. Nice mellow Buzz. Doesn’t taste very good. I’d go Pink Kush.

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  5. Stephanie Clermont dit :

    Extremely disappointing

    By far the worse I’ve ever smoked. It has ZERO effect mine as well not smoke anything. Doesn’t matter how much you roll it gets you nowhere just a big waste of time. VERY DISSAPOINTING and will be buying somewhere else now.

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  6. Samantha dit :

    Big bud,not impressed

    Big bud I didn’t like it very much,I found that the smoke was too light for my likeing and seemed to burn a little funny lots of runs.

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  7. Aysia dit :

    It was ok

    Taste wasn’t any good. Didn’t give me any high. Had to check and see I wasn’t smoking a CBD strain by accident. I did notice my anxiety faded a bit but otherwise…… Meh.

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  8. marc dit :

    Don't waste your Money

    If you are a regular smoker I would not waster your money on this product. Bought a bag and I don’t think I got high once. Smoking feels like you are smoking nothing, as if you are vaporizer almost. Bought a bag of land cruiser at the same time and instead of wasting my money on this horrible strain/product I should have just bought another bag of land cruiser. At 150 its a cheap price, but if you are a regular smoker you would be better off spending that 150 on a higher end strain or just not this one.

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  9. Logan dit :


    Bought this as it sounded like an excellent option but unfortunately the effects are very minimal and short lived. Could be a tolerance factor as others that I know that have smoked this liked it and said the effects were great but for me, not a favourite. Works great as a filler for some of White Palms hash products though!

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  10. Martin dit :

    Absolute Garbage!

    Don’t waste your money is right…. nearly no oil content, no smell, just weak sauce. What a waste of $160! Shame, as all other strains i’ve tried have been the best i’ve ever experienced. This one is making me really rethink ordering anything from GWP again!

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