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A propos de la souche :
Faible Med Haut

This deal will fly! Don't sleep on it. 30% off is already applied to the listed price. Chemo, also known more commonly as “UBC Chemo” to the savvy cannabis user, is a 100% pure Indica hybrid.

The Chemo strain was bred specifically to treat patients going through chemo treatments (but not limited to those patients either).

This powerful bud offers nice potency and relaxing Indica effects characterized by a high level of pain relief in both mind and body.

The high is definitely considered to be a creeper – you’ll suddenly be hit with a heavy feeling behind your eyes and in the back of your neck before falling into a complete sedative stupor with potent couch-lock and a strong case of the munchies. Yum.

This strain is ideal for treating patients suffering from nausea, depression, insomnia, nightmares, and chronic pain due to chemo, cancer, and other conditions.

The nugs have an aroma of fragrant pungent earthy pine and a taste of sweet floral pine that becomes pungent upon exhale. The buds crack so perfectly when you’re breaking them up it’s like music to your ears.

The buds themselves are solid! Covered in trichomes and crystals and with a very nice nose, considering the price!

Effets :
Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy
Médical :
Insomnia, Stress, Pain, Lack of Appetite
À propos du vendeur :
Cannabis du Nord-Ouest
8 Customer Reviews

Northwest Cannabis Co.’s goal, together with WhitePalm, is to put forth a new era of growing quality, affordable flowers, and a positive culture that places the cannabis industry in the best light possible.

We will need to work together – both growers and users – to bring our industry out of the dark and into the light.


Northwest Cannabis Co. does not use pesticides or fungicides. We focus on grow operations that cater to all levels of financial brackets. We understand that cannabis is a medicine and we want to be able to provide quality and affordable flowers to anyone in need.

16 réponses à “Chemo – 30% OFF”

  1. Jayme N dit :

    Can’t beat the price

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Can’t beat the price on this affordable but effective bud. Great for bedtime!

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  2. Charles Olson dit :

    Taste if off

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Taste is off but not bad tasting. Medium potency and a steal for the price point. I just ordered another oz for fatties at the ice shack.

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  3. Shawn dit :

    Solid for the price

    Looks, tastes and smells pretty good. High is average for an indica, nothing overpowering

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  4. MetalFan dit :

    Chemo me!

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    What a great deal, cheapest half oz. I think I’ve ever bought. Massive nugs, at first I thought they made a mistake and gave me the Zero Ave. Chemo! Smoking though you notice the difference has an odd taste, but mixing with hashish covers that up. Burns really slow, heavy stone mixed with hash. No complaints especially for the price!

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  5. Angel dit :

    Its ok

    I found this strain not as strong as what some people found. It did help with my back pain a little bit but this isn’t what I’ve come to expect from WP.

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  6. Brooklyne dit :

    Won't be ordering again

    Wasn’t happy with this one at all sadly

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  7. Rod dit :


    Yup, yup, yup great all round bud, nice smell, good look, great burn, yup, we all know it!

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  8. Daniel dit :

    Alright for the price

    It’s alright for the price, nothing special, worse then what’s floating around my city that’s forsure , smoked nice, taste wasn’t too shabby , if your smoking on a budget you could get two ounces of this or an ounce of greasy pink or greasy ghost all depends on what your looking for

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  9. James dit :

    Wonderful nighttime buzz

    This bud tastes amazing to me. No way I could complain at all with that price point. Ever since I first read about this strain I have been wanting to try it and I am definitely happy I have finally been able to thanks to Northwest and WP. Love the high this strain offers, great help for my back pain and helps me get to sleep.

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  10. deidre dit :


    Had a try of this.
    Nice green bud with orange hairs.
    Uplifting high does the trick.
    Gram joints does the trick with this chemo.
    Nice job on the growers.

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  11. Charles Olson dit :

    Chemo, first order

    Very first order from Whitepalm. Getting signed up was a bit of a hassle and then problems with the payment system but got my order the other day finally. Too dry so put in mason jar woth Boveda pack and 2 days in it is coming back to life, smoke is nice, bit harsh but expected from chemo. Nice white ash so good flush, not bad trim job. For $150 this is a steal. Hope it is back on menu very soon. Just ordered some Death Bubba on sale and some Zero Gravity as a second strain from Northwest Cannabis, 25/5 is wicked numbers and NLxhashplant sounds like a winner to me, should be very good for my Fibromyalgia. Cheers and be well!

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  12. Dylan dit :


    Good strain i would buy again its good for sleep and hunger

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  13. Pierre-Luc dit :

    My first Buy here

    I’m very happy with what I got. Give a smooth buzz.
    Definitely not as strong as advertised but I got a strong tolerance, so who knows…

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  14. Nicole dit :


    I was excited to try this and a little disappointed.. It was a little dry for my liking but at $150 I can’t really complain. The buds were tight and medium size.. It did burn ok and has a white ash. The trim was nice I wouldn’t say you couldn’t smoke this if your a beginner. I am not on the other hand lol. Didn’t knock my socks off the way I expected.

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    • Brian dit :

      Remoisten your bud for improved flavor and burn...

      Hi there, buying dry bud is ideal, but if it is to dry it will not burn, vape or taste optimum, to remedy simply get yourself a glass mason jar, put your bud in the jar, pour a glass of purified water, dip your finger in the water and let full drops roll off of your finger and down the rim of the jar and let it slide down the outside of the jar, reseal the jar and shake gently in a few hours, the process can take up to a couple of days to completely sweat and redistribute the moisture evenly throughout your flowers, but usually after one day it’s good to go.

      For one ounce i recommend starting with 15-20 drops of water to start, don’t over do it, add slowly and add more later if needed or desired. For a half ounce try 10-15 drops and adjust the formula for smaller quantities. For an eighth no more than 4 or 5 drops at 1st.

      This process will greatly increase the flavor of your bud as well greatly improving the burn or vaporization of your bud, i vape exclusively and i cannot tell you how much this improves vapor quality, strength and flavor!

      Just remember to go slow and never add to much , if you need more add a little more, it’s harder to correct if you add to much water and you risk mold.

      This also works great with house hold herbs and spices, try it on oregano!!

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