Dutch Treat

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  1. Aysia dit :

    OK - I completely understand....

    Maybe it’s just my mind, you know, because I read above that it’s essential in Amsterdam coffee shops, but…. This really is a treat, and it pairs amazing with coffee or tea. I personally like how the flavours (and scents!) mingle with one another. Not to mention that after smoking, you’re in an uplifted, chatty mood.. So I totally get why you’d want to smoke, sit around a cafe, and enjoy some conversation. I’ve also been struggling with this same knot in my back for a few months now, and it just recently has been aching constantly (at times more than others, but yes, it’s constant). This strain has been the best reliever so far. Seriously. The pain was almost non-existent.

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  2. Cory dit :

    Ordering it

    Gonna be4 good had it be4

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