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14 réponses à “Zero Gravity”

  1. Francis dit :

    big hard buzz

    amazing strain recomended!!

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  2. Angel dit :

    Excellent daytime strain

    This strain tastes like earth mixed with berries. And if you suffer from depression lack of appetite or have pain then this is perfect for you. I really really love this strain. Thanks WP

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  3. Guillaume dit :

    relax is the word

    man! just take a look at this bud…perfect trimm perfect density , give a nice smooth high it get me so calm nice d

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  4. RJ dit :

    One of my new favourites

    Getwhitepalm you never disappoint me!!! I was completely satisfied just by seeing these buds! They were so nice and light, the effects were amazing and the cbd just put it on the top shelf for me! Great for relaxing or chilling with some friends! It actually kind of reminded me of the sweet skunk which is also one of my top favourites from getwhitepalm 10/10

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  5. Conor dit :

    Love this one

    Just because of the name I bought it and I love myself for it. Like the feeling of the lightness I feel. Very uplifting

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  6. Charles Olson dit :


    Very caked with trikes like description and works excellent for Fibromyalgia. I got an oz and a 1/4 on different orders. The 1/4 oz was all tiny rock hard nugs so a tad disappointed in size of nugs. Oz order was a mix but again mostly small little nugs and the bigger ones seemed to be mich less dense than the little guys. Smoke is pure and clean, effects are awesome medically speaking and even though disappointed in size of buds the effects make it top shelf medicine for me.

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  7. Angel dit :

    Definitely for the daytime

    With this strain I’m able to get my shopping done which is almost impossible for me with the p.t.s.d. i suffer from. As well as any daytime errands i have. Ty so much.

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  8. Bill dit :

    Yes indeed a tasty day strain

    Pleasant high, not a power punch but a nicely stoned headspace. As others have said, it has a clean burn and is v easy to smoke. Someone who wants a pleasant medicine but with decent levels of thc and cbd should find this strain most helpful.

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  9. Dylan dit :

    Second review

    Very mellow medicjnal indica i wish it had more powerr but it makes up for it in density i have been using this strain before bed or when i get into a negative self talk and it turns things good quick

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  10. Dorian dit :

    Clear head

    This batch I had weed doesn’t have that strong head high but it did give me a long lasting effects, translation, this is a great weed to smoke during the day. The batch I had was a little on the dry side (which is fine for me as I use a humidi-control container) The buds are nice popcorn nugs. Not super sticky, crystal tends to fall away from the busted up weed. I would buy again.

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  11. Leslie dit :


    Like the description noted, the buds were very dense and packed! I did find thought they were a bit dry and brittle. However the smoke was smooth and light; it didn’t coat your tongue or back of your throat like some other strains.

    The high had a full body effect but still allowed you to be productive. And the head high made me feel super focused and in a pondering mood

    Overall it was a good bud that gave a very relaxing, calming feeling. Great for anxiety and stress; it didn’t make me feel like my heart would beat out of my chest, the opposite actually, it made it feel a bit slower and more manageable

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  12. Brian dit :


    Another great strain from Northwest Cannabis Co. Very clean burn, nice mellow yet productive high. The nugs are dens, nice colors and overall simply beautiful!

    Great day-time strain, excellent for wake n bake. Enjoy!

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  13. Nicolas dit :

    Clean High Great buds!

    Really, really enjoy this! Real clean high, had a lot of fun with a bunch of friends. No couch lock, no post-high crash. Clean smoke, beautiful, beautiful dense nuggets. Impressive! Thanks ash for the suggestion!

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  14. Dylan dit :

    Very clean therapeutical medicine

    I recieved my quarter of zero gravity for my med stash today and i am impressed.
    Smell/taste 6-7
    Density/structure 10/10
    High 7/10

    The high cbd content really counters the big head rush but in a good way you can feel the pureness and high vibrations of this clean medicine on the inhale its a light smoke that will get you if you take to much this bud reminds me of hempstars genetics and terpene profile its a light lemony earthy nose not pungent but has a very nice limonene terpene flavour the only con about this bud is it doesnt pack the knockout power like bruce or ghost bubba but its more of a medicine for people who arent looking to get as high but seeking pain relief inflamation relief and focus this strain is really dense beutiful colour nugs which break open into tons of nice light green dusted trichs i recomend for ppl who need a strain for work cause this doesnt couch you and the cbd is great for added medication

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