OG Deep Purple

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8 réponses à “OG Deep Purple”

  1. gary dit :

    I like this one alot , medium purple hues with a pungent smell coming right from the bag when opened! Smells kind of like grape.

  2. Rebecca Kay dit :

    Easy on the lungs (asthma) … I found extremely beneficial with chinook headache!!

  3. Eric dit :

    Based on above reviews, worth a whirl I’d say!

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  4. Eric dit :

    Looks delicious and is!

    Had the pleasure of exploring this strain and it’s A1.

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  5. Daniel dit :

    Had high hopes for this strain, but found the high to be a bit flat. Did nothing for my pain or insomnia. Decent topper if you’ve already smoked something else.

  6. Eric dit :

    Nice fruity taste!

    Great, brought on quick, effects!

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  7. Eric dit :

    After this batch!!! You are good to go!

    Very clean, strong strain, I’d recommend it for appetite loss and insomnia mostly :) Will be getting more of this!

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  8. Shawn dit :

    Should I give her a GO? I think I should

  9. Michael dit :

    Yep this is a good strain for pain and sleep I like the taste and smell clean burning quality like we expect Whitepalm keep up the great flowers an thanks for the new an better stuff that keeps on coming !

  10. Jason dit :

    Will be ordering this again for sure!

    This strain is just absolutely amazing! I have nothing but good reviews for this flower. Will be ordering this again for sure! helps with sleep and pain! Great for apatite also!

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  11. Lori dit :

    Expected Better Buds....lovely nose, not strongest Indica, ok for daytime. Buds werew very inconsistent in oz. Medium buds werew manicured nicely, medium resin but there was about a 1/4 bag of small unfinished buds with too much leaf left on them. Calyxes didnt fire on smaller bits and of course they are harsh. I can do better at that price.,.

    Lovely nose, not strongest Indica ok for daytime. Buds were not consistent in size and density. Medium buds trimmed well and good density but 3 or 4 grams in oz. bag small immature bits, poorly manicured and no calyx’s to speak of. Harsh as well. Plant didnt finish properly. For the price I can do better…..

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  12. Tab dit :

    This was my first try on this strand, it was definitely unique.
    It’s definitely within my top 5 for sure.
    The scent was an interesting mix of pine and maybe like blueberry/ cranberry(?)
    It sounds weird, but it works.
    The Burn was super clean. There was no cough.
    Did nothing for pain tho. I wouldn’t t commend this for that. This is for sure a “relaxer” smoke.
    Super munch, for sure. I had no limitation of the munchies with this one.
    I definitely got intense couch lock, great sleeper aid.
    Happy smoking. :-)

  13. Joe dit :

    Okay but is lacking

    Taste’s good, high is lacking and buds are not the prettiest

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  14. mrsjackson401 dit :

    This is the perfect bedtime smoke. After each puff you fall a little more into relaxation. Great for anxiety and insomnia…definitely give this a try :)

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