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A propos de la souche :
Faible Med Haut

This strain is the backbone of West Coast cannabis. NWC coming in with a very consistent OG Kush harvest.

OG Kush is perfect for relaxation and/or kicking your feet up on the couch after a long and productive day at work. It smells like fresh pine – the classic Kush aroma.

Overall it looks like the definition of dank. The trim job is a little scrappy but the nug size is nice and the cure is VERY nice. Nice blanket of trichomes too. The terp profile is banging so it has a solid nose.

A legendary Hybride West Coast strain with links to the ancient world. The strain is orange/red with billowy buds that are heavily dusted with crystals. This cannabis strain delivers more of head high and makes users happy before getting sleepy. A highly effective strain for those ailing with anxiety, depression, digestive problems, migraine headaches and chronic pain. OG Kush Cannabis Strain: Order marijuana online Canada.

Effets :
Relaxed, Happy, Hungry
Médical :
Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression
À propos du vendeur :
Cannabis du Nord-Ouest
8 Customer Reviews

Northwest Cannabis Co.’s goal, together with WhitePalm, is to put forth a new era of growing quality, affordable flowers, and a positive culture that places the cannabis industry in the best light possible.

We will need to work together – both growers and users – to bring our industry out of the dark and into the light.


Northwest Cannabis Co. does not use pesticides or fungicides. We focus on grow operations that cater to all levels of financial brackets. We understand that cannabis is a medicine and we want to be able to provide quality and affordable flowers to anyone in need.

72 réponses à “OG Kush”

  1. Dustin dit :

    Great buy

    Happy with this order knew i would be thats why i ordered a onuce and a half

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  2. Danny Santobuono dit :

    A good true OG

    Quality for the price have ordered plenty from gwp never an issue always quality and even with the cheaper stuff never disappoint

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  3. Andre dit :

    Good buy

    Impressive for the price point ! I will buy again

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  4. Andre dit :

    Impressive for the price point !

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  5. Aysia dit :

    Sharp pine scent, smooth flavour. Not the strongest indica that i’ve Tried for sleep, but the body high will lock you to the couch

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  6. Spencer dit :


    It was real nice and all but the way the hype it up in the description I was expecting a lot more but that’s just me .

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  7. Ryan dit :

    Good smoke

    Pretty good taste and the ash burns fairly white. Not a great trim job however and tiny buds, I likely got the bottoms.. :)

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  8. Spencer dit :

    La vraie affaire !

    Just like the description says, when you smells this it will take you Back! I’ve bought “OG kush” from many different places and this is the best example of it I’ve had in a long time. Get it while you can!

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  9. Eric dit :

    Good strain!

    Have a taste;)! It’s more fruity tasting then woodish.

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  10. Eric dit :

    Great Kush strain and batch!

    Excellent for the average user, recommend to use for evening use only!

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  11. Eric dit :

    Can't go wrong!!!

    Very relaxing and smooth, yet potent smoke!

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  12. Shawn dit :

    I got some og kush on the way cant wait yeaah

  13. Shawn dit :

    How long does it take to ship and what should i get for my first order im not looking for anything big as i want to try it first an eighth and maybe a G of bubba hash??

  14. Randy dit :

    OG OH MY

    Excellent representation of OG Kush. Rich hashy smoke and super relaxer. Will order again.

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  15. michael dit :

    The Original OG-Lovely!

    Never much a fan of indica’s. This one changed my mind. A classic for sure. Great for winding down a day or a lazy weekend watching Netflix. Potent with a strong body buzz yet clear-headed enough to go into the kitchen for some munchies. And when it wears off you will be nice and relaxed for a nice, long, uninterrupted sleep. A true classic in every sense. Thanks WP!

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  16. Bryan dit :

    First strain from site!

    The packaging was amazing, 7g labelled OG Kush, the buds were covered in crystals and the smell was of OG kush. when i opened the vacuum sealed bag my entire order was in my living room instantly filled up with the aroma… It’s perfect shipping, quick descreet my only complaint was a lot of almost shake, small buds

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  17. Evan dit :

    Great for the price. But comparing it to another fine strain white palm offers i found OG Kush lacked the thc. This good just be me tho.

  18. Randy dit :


    Love the look sugary larger buds. Sour earth sandalwood flavor. Strong but not debilitating. Awesome job guys.

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  19. Ben dit :

    Great price

    Great stuff . Great price .

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  20. Andrew dit :

    Was Tight Dense colourful Very Orange And Purple Colour Very Stinky And Covered In Trichome Deffinetly One Of The Best Strains And Producers I Tried And With Fast Service And Dilevary From Getwhitepalm It’s Easy To Enjoy Regularly

  21. Austen dit :

    First-time buyer

    Was very suspicious of these mail order marijuana sites. Looked around for a bit and decided White Palm looked the most legit. Ordered some OG Kush and, despite being a little confused by the GST charge on a (currently) illegal substance, was very pleased by the results. It was delivered in 2 business days at my door by Fedex. While I wasn’t home. Well, Fedex’s problem there. Will likely order again!

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  22. Andrew dit :

    Great for hanging on the couch. I use it for insomia too. Pretty potent, don’t have to smoke much and your ready for bed

  23. Riley dit :

    A true OG

    This strain lives up to its reputation, one of my go to favorites if done right and the people at getwhitepalm succeed and passed my expectations! Beautiful big bugs covered in red hairs and crystal. Pungent smell/ kush taste. I find it perfect for stimulating my appetite at meals and putting my insomnia to rest! Gonna pick up more for sure and suggest any OG lovers to try.

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  24. Darryl dit :

    First strain tried in this website

    Shipping and packaging was proper, this is instantly a reup if i had to choose again, this was easily a couch lock and non day time smoke, nice long high. The budd are property cured and they have heavenly flavour to the smoke.. Indica lovers must pick this one up

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  25. John dit :

    This has an excellent heavy body feeling, it’s a relaxing sedative that does a great job at relieving stress and manage my other digestive symptoms. 4.5 stars, wish it had a flavor closer to Hindu Kush.

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