Organic Forum-Cut Girl Scout Cookies

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3 réponses à “Organic Forum-Cut Girl Scout Cookies”

  1. K S dit :

    it was alright

    i gave it 4 stars because i bought several diff strains and finished it the first.. Ive been smokin for 25+yrs and have a fairly high tolerance. Tasted great, the actual buzz was nice. I can recommend on that, but i felt it shoulda had a nicer kick to it for being 26%… personally didnt find it worth writing home to mom about. New smokers will like it as well as fans of the GSC strain. Dont let my review foil you. I just have yet to be impressed by the gsc strain

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  2. Jamie Sutherland dit :

    Amazing cannabis

    You know why no one rates kindle bloom, because we don’t want you buying it!

    I would put kindle bloom head to head with any grower from any site including south coast and evb and their quality surpasses them. Btw the other two growers are also favs of mine.

    This strain is no different. Just perfect!

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  3. Valentine dit :

    Forum cut ... really?

    First review? Woohoo!

    Gotta say I am a sucker for Forum Cut GSC. I have not had this for a year and a half and actually finished the last tiny chunk a couple of weeks ago as I cleared inventory. Viola! we have forum cut here now.

    Kindle, this is the worse looking buds I have had from you. It’s heavy and filled about half the container so I weight it and it was over 7 grams. There’s a nice scent and it’s fresh and sticky. The taste is OK.

    With great anticipation and expectation, this was immediately tested upon arrival. Within ten minutes, the shit hits the fan and it’s over. This is a very cerebral strain with copious amount of euphoria and focus. High THC can tingle your brain and this does.

    Activity pairing would have to include social events given the high euphoria and creativeness and uplift. The clear focus energy makes it perfect for working on writing,, web design, web publishing and whatever cerebral task at hand.

    A great strain and well rendered provides the full spectrum expressions (euphoria, creativity, uplift, happiness and relaxed). How good it is depends on how strong and how many of these expressions can be felt. Relaxed is the only expressions that is minimal with this forum cut GSC. Euphoria, creativity, uplift (energy) and in prime time with this Kindle’s rendition of Forum Cut GSC.

    If you are a GSC fan, I would recommend this. I would put this into my rotation along with Whistler Medical’s Sour Jack, which is one of my top go-to strain and current batch is at 23%. Seriously, Kindle, you should go legit. You would be one of the top producers in the legal world. Ghost should do that too. But whatever, I am happy to buy it here form you too. I just think the world needs your talent.

    Finally, the Black Friday sale was a bit of a disaster for me. The website refused to accept the code saying item was ineligible? Frantic emails back and forth with Dean, it all arrived today with the bonus. Amazing work folks! You guys should go legit too. All in due time, I’m sure :)

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