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Organic Granola Funk

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3 réponses à “Organic Granola Funk”

  1. Mike dit :


    I found this stuff to be pretty stinky, it dfinitely has a nice funky smell, especially when given a little pinch. That being said I really didn’t find it to be flushed as well as the greasy strains. I smoked one today and found it a little harsh compared to what I’m used to. Another thing is I don’t find that nice smell wroks it’s way in to the taste at all. I find when i smoke the greasy blackberry, my current favorite, I get a very sweet taste whereas with this stuff I just find it a bit harsh with no flavour. I’ve gotten a coupl eseeds so far from this stuff, not nearly as many as with the OG Pink but they are grown by th same people. I get the feeling their bud is over stressed due to the lack of taste and the seeds. I’ve never gotten a single seed out of the many ounces of greasy strains I’ve ordered so far, I wish I did but not a single one.

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  2. Joshua dit :


    Burns clean.nice white ashes.Great for the price.

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  3. Valentine dit :

    WOW This is the way all flowers should be

    It comes in a hardshell, which means the flowers is beautifully intact. This is perfectly cured. It is smooth.

    The high is ultra intense. It hits as hard as my oil soaked joints without the oil. A solid two hours ride with the first hour in an energetic creative euphoric happy vortex. It is clear and focus and just crazy intense.

    This is best used when you have a clear deck and nothing important on the horizon. A mid-afternoon buzz is the perfect situation. For the community members who have tried Golden Goat (still available), Lemon Haze, Cali and Citrus Skunk, this strain hits much harder. Golden Goat is the closest but it is still way behind Granola Funk.

    Finally after 10 years, I have found something from the Sunshine Coast that hits this hard. The future is bright.

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