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Organic Rainbow Chip

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1g Pre-Roll
Quart d'once

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Faible Med Haut

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7 réponses à “Organic Rainbow Chip”

  1. K S dit :

    Came dry as a camels ass

    Dry as hell, mediocre buzz. Not impressive at all. But the bpttle it comes in is usefull. Save that.

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  2. Clinton dit :

    HoLy MoLy KiNDLeBLooM !?!?!

    I’ve been smoking on a daily basis for 25yrs and this is truly Some of the BEST flower I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying on every level !!!

    FELLA FACADE, The King of Canadian Cannabis rates this 3 for 3 with his Triple”F”Test… The Flavour, The Fragrance and the Feeling are equally amazing, 5/5, 10/10 however you wanna rate this flower feel free.

    Starts at the bottom of my forehead and flows down to the tips of my toes and then it goes from mental to physical to giggles to just quiet moments of realizing HuH ?!?

    Thanks again DeaNoBrO and KindleBloom or should I say KindleBOOM !!!

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  3. Jamie Sutherland dit :


    This strain is one of my new favs. Got my second order today and it looks as great as the first. Smell, taste and potency really remind me of blue dream for some reason which is a huge plus for me!

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  4. Brandon Abel dit :

    I tried the pre-rolled

    It was an f for effort. The joint itself fell apart, had to tried it in a bowl. The weed was ok, the sativa came out more than the indica which made it great for work. Would have gotten more stars if the rolling job was better!

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  5. Bradley dit :

    10 stars.

    Smooth smoke and the flavours in this bud was great. Just entered top strains of my life.

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  6. Valentine dit :

    High Times Cup 2019 Winner ... really?

    Could not resist trying a recent Cup Winner and … hrmmm … it’s nice?

    It is hard to moderate expectations when this is a winner strain. The flower quality is classic Kindle Bloom perfectly cured? The buds are sticky and fluffy with a very unique scent and taste.

    The high starts right away very lightly. it is a sativa high so you feel uplifted. The world just became a lot better, lighter. This is a creeper. Over the first half hour, the intensity builds but it is never overwhelming, which makes it perfect to start a beautiful sunny day. The high will change over the course of two hours with some body stone creeping in towards the end.

    This is an enjoyable strain at the beginning of the day. The end is calm and not lethargic and the need to light another one up as soon as the high starts to dissipate did not materialize, which to me is a satisfying high even though I was not in a drooling stupor (I was actually hoping for something like that from a Cup Winner).

    Overall, if you have a lot of money, go for it because it is a unique and quality product and you want to try everything to broaden your horizon. If you expect to be in a drooling stupor like me, this is not that strain.

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  7. Joshua dit :


    Wow this stuff put me on the moon after just half a joint.
    Just disappointed I didn’t order more!

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