Organic Terpenado

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2 réponses à “Organic Terpenado”

  1. Valentine dit :

    Haha ... no stock left as I write this review

    I saw this strain a while ago and before I could order it it was gone. I got it this time and I like this strain.

    Growers have a technique that comes across all their products. Kindle Bloom has a unique approach and their flowers are very similar in quality. A bias, I’m a fan of Kindle Bloom.

    The flowers are pristine in tact encased in a container with sweet fragrance and taste. It smokes well like all Kindle Bloom products. The high is immediate and builds quickly. If you like Girl Scout Cookies type of high, this is very similar in effects and intensity. The high is cerebral and uplifting. Kiss the first hour good bye because it will disappear as you are engulf and absorbed into the cerebral-ness of everything. The high ends nicely without the dreaded tiredness.

    This strain is good for doing stuff and socializing. For the money, you will get a high superior high to all the lower cost products, which means you won’t feel ripped off. I can’t say that for Organic Rainbow Chip also from Kindle Bloom because the intensity wasn’t there for that strain even though I enjoyed that experience … kinda of felt … yar … hrm. This strain, however, delivers the intensity and effects.

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  2. Joshua dit :


    Wow…extremely potent.Recommended for the experienced user.

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