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Champignons magiques
Faible Med Haut

Steven Pollock, created the Penis Envy from a unique mutation of the Amazonian Cubensis from the legendary psychonaut Mr. Terrance McKenna.

The Penis Envy magic mushroom is known to have a higher amount of Psilocin and Psilocybin. It is recommend for advanced users.

The high is powerful and an immersive experience comprised of euphoric discovery. You’ll have a higher appreciation for music or art.

Start by taking 1-3g and wait 45 minutes for the trip to begin. Trip lats 4-5 hours.

If you’re looking to start microdosing please checkout this awesome beginners guide to microdose mushrooms.

How to micodose Penis Envy magic mushrooms:

The microdose regimen is a 3 day cycle. On day 1 you consume and on day 2 and 3 you do not. This allows for your system to reset so that your tolerance doesn’t interfere with the magic effects.

For microdosing use 0.1-0.3g per day.

For recreational dosing, the dose is really up to you. There are some folks that love going on long spiritual journeys where they take 3-10g. For a fun time at a social gathering you can get away with 0.5-1g.

Rec Effects:
Euphoric discovery, Very potent
Microdose Effects:
Focus, Elevated Mood
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Affordable high quality Canadian cannabis strains.
3 Customer Reviews

The world’s most famous and favorite strains at affordable prices. All homegrown in the British Columbian back country.


23 réponses à “Penis Envy”

  1. Bradley dit :


    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Really potent! Me and the wife split 3 grams in tea and within 10 mins the effects came on strong these are definitely not for beginners.

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  2. Curtis dit :

    Quick start

    These came on in about 10 min and hit hard. I took 3g but would try more if looking for a strong trip.

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  3. Amber dit :


    Great for social outings

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  4. Jimmy Lightning dit :

    Wibbly Wobblies

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    These ones will certainly do the trick at 1-3g. I can describe a dose around that amount as euphoric and wibbly wobbly. I spent some time at my PC trying to play some games but my monitor looked like it was inside a lava lamp. Love these! My closet did feel like it was downhill from my desk but for some reason I found that hilarious. Definitely did the trick!

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  5. Bobby Hill dit :

    Ego?What Ego?

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    5grams of these will floor you. Warning, loss of conciousness is among you.

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  6. Ken dit :

    Penis envy shrooms

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    1.5 of these and 1.5 of blue meanies .steepped it in tea ate what was left .omg 4 hrs at least of very nice visuals wavy lines .and just a hummin overall feeling of bliss.fuckin eh .gunna do that again soon .some lemon and sugar or maple syrup.and ya tastey

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  7. Dylan dit :

    pathway to light and evolved consciousness

    Trip report: dose 0.1 gram PE/0.1 gram blue meanies powdered and lemon tekked.
    30 mins – starting to feel Psclosbyin in my arms. with the first vision to start seeing a triangle tiki face made of fractals and light.
    45 mins – i lay down on my couch and go blindfolded to see the visuals, i saw vibrant plant life, sun light and tropical imagery, with a feeling like ive felt that it in this or a past life before.
    1 hour – i vaped the ”zkittlez cake strain” and i could feel the plant spirits of the canabis like i was connecting to it deeper, when i looked in the jar and smelled it. i could sense a aura of light around the cannabis and really see its medicinal potential of these strains of cannabis and mushrooms.
    very easy comedown because it was such a low dose i was not expectiing to get such a powerful short trip as i did thanks whitepalm!

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  8. Chris dit :


    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    First time I tried these guys I was in the bathtub for the come-up. Started getting a little antsy so decided to stand up and get out. As soon as I stood up, I knew I was into er. I looked in the mirror and the rest of the bathroom fell away to me standing there against a massive white backdrop and nothing else. 2.5g tea. Was a great, rewarding trip, but would definitely put this in the serious class as far as mental state. Visuals were present, especially with my textured ceiling. Looked like the sand on a beach swirling and shifting. Potent little fellas, and definitely not a strain to take lightly.

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  9. Hassan dit :


    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Cheap price.

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  10. Steven Elliott dit :

    Don’t take lightly

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Don’t take lightly, not for the inexperienced or weak hearted. Ate 10g’s, yes 10, I wanted to see how hardcore these were and they did not disappoint. Tripped hard and fast trying to get out of a funk, out of the headspace I’m in atm. About an hour in I felt it, 2 hours I was gone, still ‘here’ but in another world persey, I cried a lot, felt like I was losing it and was never going to come out, brought out some deep negative emotions and at the same time some deep profound thoughts. I knew going in my head wasn’t looking for a party from the experience more a cleansing of the mind and a spiritual experience, which as said my head wasn’t there. All in all look forward to trying it again, have ordered more since. Good luck and be careful

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  11. Kevin M dit :

    Works great but received dust

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Non

    I have ordered mushrooms from whitepalm before and they were fine. That isn’t to say that these didn’t do the trick, but I received mostly mushroom dust as opposed to whole mushrooms. Out of 10g, 6g was powdered. I assume that this was probably the last of whatever was in stock but it would have been preferable to be asked whether or not I wanted to change to a different kind based upon that.

    I would give 5 stars, but giving 3 because of the powder.

    I should note that I did receive a free preroll with my order and that may be because of being sent inferior product. It was appreciated!

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  12. Ryan dit :

    Very nice product!

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Jumped into 3 grams of these last night and had a great night! Very clean high, lasted 4-5 hours, and feel great the next day! It was not as strong as I expected based on the reviews but I was not disappointed in them at all. Open and closed eye visuals lasted a few hours and we’re very enjoyable. I still have 7g left and will up the dose for the next time as 3 was not quiet enough for me.

    I see many comments about these not being for beginners, personally I would disagree with that. I kept a clear head throughout the entire trip. I could function despite the effects. That is not something I experience with every mushroom.

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  13. Joanne dit :

    So much fun!!

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Loved these! I haven’t done any in over 25 yrs and only took just over 1.5g by lemon tekking. I strained about 3/4 of the pieces away, but swallowed all the small bits. I took 1g first, then about 30 mins later did the rest. I’d say by the half hour mark I was on my way, It was an a great, clean trip groovin to all my old rock music. Freddy Mercury never sounded better! For more visuals I would do at least a gram more but this was a nice, clean re-entry into shrooming. A little nausea cuz I didn’t eat and the lemon juice was a little harsh, but small price to pay!!

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  14. Sarah dit :

    Highly Recommended!!

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    I love this strain for micro dosing. It’s a good strain to start with if you are new to taking mushrooms. I like mixing Penis Envy with Huaulta Cubensis for some more intense effects like bright colors and cartoon effects.

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  15. Mike dit :


    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Lovely things these are! I did 3 grams last night and had a great time. I agree with what Curtis said, I ended up grinding these to a powder like I did the last time I did some and these hit hard and fast, I’d say within 15 minutes or so they were kicking in. I also kind of wish I had another gram or two to really set me off but it was still a beautiful mid level trip. You know when you’re watching a movie or listening to something and every word you’re hearing is repeated 2 or 3 times things are getting interesting. I usually feeling a bit queasy when they first kick in, the last time I did 4 grams I spent a half hour over drooling over the toilet before they kicked in fully but I had zero queasiness with these, the entire trip was wonderful! Need to stock up on these!

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  16. Patrick dit :

    Great product

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Was a great trip. Only took 1.5 at the start and felt great after 20 mins. Took another gram worth. Great with a group. Lots of laughter from everyone . Lights were different colours then usual. Definitely gonna try again.

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  17. Tarik G dit :

    Respect the Mushroom

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Up until this point, I was taking mushrooms recreationally and for some light introspection. I dabbled in 3-4g once every few weeks for a few months and then I decided to take around 8g of P.E. and I cannot stress how important it is to respect the mushroom.
    I had the most frightening experience of my life, time was frozen, I was stuck in a loop at 10pm in a pitch black forest at night trying to get home all the while Thomas the train was blocking the road up ahead. I finally got home, time still wouldn’t move. Went into the bathroom and stayed in there for 30mins while insects we’re crawling in and out of my skin. I had an extreme urge to truly look into myself and face the wrongs and negative patterns in which I have engaged in my life and commit to not engage in them anymore.
    After I got out the bathroom I went into complete ego-dissolution, no more masks or patterns, I became a child for the next 3h, mesmerized at how beautiful the universe really is. I was watching nature/galactic meditation videos on youtube and all I could think about is my grandpa taking me to the sea when I was a kid, and how unconditional love of all is essential.
    It’s been 3 months and I the experience has impacted me in a good way, but I was lucky enough to have my roommate who is a close friend around when things got really bad. I can’t tell you what would’ve happened if I was alone.
    I’m not a psychonaut by any means but I’m not a beginner either. I would recommend treading carefully and to be with a trusted friend in case things go south, cause that’s no fun.
    On a side note I can barely take 0.5g now before feeling like I’m losing control. I believe the Shrooms are telling me to take a break. I’ve heard that when you get the message, you hang up the phone.

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    • Mike dit :

      I did the same

      I made the same mistake, I was taking a trip every week or two for many months and slowly upped the dose each time. I got to 7 grams and had a great time so I decided to go for ten grams grinded to a powder. All was good for 2 1/2 hours then all of sudden the visuals got so intense I couldn’t stand it. I ended up sitting on the couch with my head in my hands for about 2 more hours just praying things would slow down. The majority of the intense period consisted of watching my brain melting down my face in rainbow colours. I thought I had lost my mind for sure and would never return to normal. I had to talk myself out of calling for help. I received the same message afer that trip, respect the mushroom!! I stick with 5-6 grams now and try to give it about a month in between trips so I’ll get full effects.

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  18. Braeden dit :

    great product

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    took 5g’s minimal nausea on the come up full effects within an hour very nice closed eye visuals trip lasted around 5 hours would definitely recommend this product holy shit!!

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  19. Kevin dit :


    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    My buddy and did an 8th eat of these, we had such a great time. 45 mins to kick in, lasted about 5 hour. Pretty decent mushroom

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  20. Freddy Grugger dit :


    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Had a blast with my buddies on wz, lots of giggles and strangely more focused. 5/5

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  21. Shawn dit :


    Just like the pic, long thick stem with a big cap. Great product.

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