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11 réponses à “DAB PEN”

  1. Harly dit :

    One charge lasts the whole day, it burns effectively and the coils take a while before being replaced. Ive had mine for about 3 weeks and it’s awesome. BUY I!

  2. Riley dit :

    Final dab pen you will need

    After going threw so many dab pens i was very happy when receive and tried the phant dab pen from whitpalm. very small and portable, good strong design can drop it all you want it wont break! I was most impressed with the battery life one charge will last a day or more of constant use. The coils last longer then most and only takes a few seconds to heat up. By far my favorite, a must get for those on the go days you need a dab!

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  3. john dit :

    like the title says ,this is my first dab pen and i can only say positive things about it , used it pretty heavy for a full day and it didn’t let me down i’d say its PHANT- ASTIC

  4. Randy dit :

    Phant Dab pen

    First time I’ve dabbed. Like the pen, little lung compromise. Nice to change things up, but I will always be a flower man. Sometimes when charging, the light shows green when it is not charged yet.

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  5. Colleen dit :

    Great item. discreet, dependable. I generally get about six months out of one before it won’t charge anymore.

  6. Jennifer dit :


    Had to try shatter just because lol Bought this device and ordered Northern lights shatter …. I can say it was money well spent. The charge lasted 4 days and the buzz lasted for hours. I watched a video on U Tube on how to use it, not the same pen but the same concept with some really good pointers on usage and maintenance. Overall will buy replacement when required.

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  7. Jennifer dit :

    A dab will do

    Wanted to try shatter so bought this little device. No instructions for newbies but easy enough to find on U-Tube. Love this little pen…….small, discreet and uber easy to use. I like there’s no cleaning involved, that’s a nice perk too. Worth the money, haven’t been disappointed by anything @Whitepalmm yet

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  8. Ben dit :

    First and last dab pen for me. Medium size pills quick head.

    Only issue is lack of instructions. As there are multiple blink patterns

  9. Philip dit :

    Portable & Discreet

    Best dab pen around. Portable, discreet & a good price. No complaints!

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  10. Mike dit :

    Great unit

    For the price of this pen, you can not beat it. I have tried many different big brand name pens and they don’t work half as good, and were double the price. Thick hoots, great battery life, nice and durable, nice and discreet. Cant ask for any more for $50.

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  11. john dit :

    review update

    so i ordered the phant pen on jan22/17 and have been using it continually since then today is feb23/17 and this pen is going strong , it is my first vape pen and using shatter for the first time but from a mechanical point of view , its as worthy as any tool in my tool chest , and its just handy and very portable .

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  12. Bryan dit :

    OMFG. The best headbang for your bucks.

  13. Lori dit :

    Love Phant Dab!

    New to the whole Dab thing and I wasnt too keen on a propane torch with a dab rig due to lots of pets.
    This pen heats in a millisecond and for me creates just the right vape draw. Small hits but WOW the results. Someone really needs to do a Phant Video though, the unit came with no guarantee, instructions etc. Great product,so much simpler for personal use.

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  14. Mike dit :

    I’ve paid twice as much for worse pens.

  15. Eric dit :

    You will not be dissapointed!

    This is one of the best pens I’ve purchased ever! Still running strong after 6 months! 5 stars!

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  16. Lindsay dit :

    So easy to use. Feels durable and well made, has a nice weight to it. Makes medicating discreet and efficient.

  17. Ashley dit :

    AMAZING you must buy this pen! If you are a hefty dabber like me your going to be super satisfied with this baby smoking up! It will save you money because 1 Tiny drop does the trick. I would seriously recommend this to anyone who needs a smoke fix but wants to cut down on their overall consumption there is no waste with this pen and the charging system is effective. Thumbs up!

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  18. Yannick dit :

    Great product. Solid construction. Long lasting battery life. Nice substitute for single use electric Pen. Buy your own shatter..a small piece and hop you go!

    I use it intensively and would like acces to replacment parts more easily. The exact same ceramic chamber cannot be found. Only single wick could be found from my researched.

    But so far so good..cleaning it weekly with high level of isopropyl alchool. Really satisfied!

  19. April dit :

    This was my first dab pen and felt it was a good choice in my intro to trying concentrates. It’s inexpensive, easy to figure out and comes with a protective case and dab stick. Unfortunately, mine only lasted about 10 days before the coil stopped connecting to the battery and after replacing it with a higher quality pen, i realized how much shatter i was wasting with the Phant pen to be honest (the pen i currently use requires no cleaning because the design allows for all of the concentrate to be used). The battery is still useful for vaping oil however, so not a total loss!

  20. Rob dit :

    My first pen

    Awesome product at a great price! You get everything you need including a case and tool… pretty sweet deal. It lasted me a good six months.

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  21. Anikula dit :

    Works great and the battery lasts all day witch is always nice

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