Deluxe Electric Cotton Candy Vape Pen

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Tested and extracted from the highest quality of plants, Phant is the clean, natural choice to medicate your body.

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3 réponses à “Deluxe Electric Cotton Candy Vape Pen”

  1. Riley dit :

    Like Being At the Carnaval

    First haul i tried i was instantly impressed, it tasted like cotton candy i use to get at the fair it was so good i couldent help myself and continued to puff until i was pretty much asleep. Quality packaging and design, very fast shipping within 2 days, and it was some of the cleanest concentrate i have vaped.

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  2. James dit :


    Awsome vape pen…enjoys it every time

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  3. Aaron murray dit :

    When i got the pen the cartridge was leaking and it doesnt seem to work very well makes popping nosies not good taste

  4. Sheri dit :

    Génial !

    Very good flavour. Smooth vape and super discrete.

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  5. Ryan dit :

    I would recommend this to anyone!! Taste is great and is potent enough to do the trick! I didn’t find I could burn the disposable ones to empty before the battery died, this one I can recharge and get the last drop! I’ll be buying another soon!!

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