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Faible Med Haut

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  1. Gabryel Rousseau dit :

    I don’t hunderstant why the panel’s say Strong THC when its only 30% thc … Also have you guys tried with the TOKO batterie ? Is it last ?

  2. Ashley dit :

    It was a great smoke but not very much of a blueberry flavor I found its flavor suttle

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  3. Eric dit :

    May give it a try...

    Based on reviews above, may try one or two of these…

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  4. John dit :

    The shatter solution is better quality the most other similar products. Blueberry flavor also good. However my only problem but still a major one is the cartriges leaking I bought 6 tanks and 2 were faulty. I think that Phant should take example from south coast and use the same tanks. Even though the two cartriges look the same the south coast ones feel heavier and stronger. I have purchased 4 different south coast tanks and never had an issue.

  5. James dit :

    It’s not bad stuff…you get what you pay for..
    Want quality spend bit more if not phant dose the trick.

  6. Christopher dit :

    Must of got a dud!

    mine just showed up today. was super excited to try these things as ive never used them before. Ive had the phant pre loaded pens but I wanted to try these cartridges. I purchased this one and a supercritical one. I opened the phant one to find the bottom leaking and I tried using it with my mod battery. I had it set to 1.8watts. I didn’t want t o burn the thing out so I started low. It started making crackling noises and popping sounds. I slowing sucked and the inhale wasn’t a smooth draw it had off and on resistance as if there was oil stuck in the draw hole or something. I mean, after a long inhale I did get a toke but it wasn’t very enjoyable and I removed it from the battery to look at the bottom and it was leaking into my battery. needless to say it isn’t going back in my battery! I’m not bad though I’m guessing I just got a bad unit.

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