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18 réponses à “Phant – Afghan Hash”

  1. Thomas dit :

    Taste was offsetting

    Got me baked. However was so harsh and untasteful that it felt like i was smoking rez from the reclaim bowl, premium rez at that though lolol. Good stuff for its price cant really complain too much all hash tastes pretty bad. I more reccomend the habibi hash

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  2. Matt dit :

    First Hash Experience - Quite Nice

    I used the method of putting small slices of it in a joint and then vaping it with some other bud. Even a speck in your preferred method of ingestion will give you a few moments of a good body high. While I can’t attest to what hash in the good old days was like, I knew that their trend of microdosing is important – to use it sparingly for its memorable mellowness. While 20 for a gram seems cost prohibitive, you can make it last for quite some time if you ration it right.

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  3. Andre dit :

    Joli !

    It is gummy but a little hard, dark brown color and a little peppery smell. Not like in the 80’s though.

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  4. Eric dit :

    nice, and old style

    clean for hash. recommended for older, experienced, users.

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  5. Eric dit :

    :) ya, Jackpot!

    Very smooth, old school too

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  6. April dit :

    I’m a complete newbie to hash, but not to thc, i don’t own a rig so i used the glass & straw method and ended up smoking the entire gram one night hoping… I did feel a slight buzz eventually. Please don’t take this review to mean this is a bad product – but rather a note to those with a very high tolerance. I’m sure this hash would’ve been wonderful when i was much less “seasoned” lol

  7. Mike dit :


    When I got it there was some crumbs and the big chunk wasn’t as pliable as I was use to. But cut big chunk done some and I can roll it in little balls for my hot knives. Very nice hash. Been quite some time since I was smoking gold seal. My first hot knife session only took half doz or so and I was baked. ( I usually smoke pot , but I do love variety ) I had to cut my little hash balls in half from what I was use to. The stuff puts out a helluva a lot of smoke on the hot knives. Will be getting more in the future sometime.

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  8. Rebecca dit :


    Just received my order and I’m not impressed. I’ve tried Phant Products and loved them although this hash is not what I expected after reading the reviews. This tasted very, very green where all other hash has that distinctive taste and smell this did not. Won’t order this one again.

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  9. Eric dit :

    Old School!:)

    If you smoked in the 90’s, you found your old school, very good, hash:)

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  10. Yannick dit :

    Good hash..a little expensive but worth it. Great taste. Smooth on the lungs.

    4 stars!

  11. Ashley dit :

    The taste was spicy the high nice with decent packaging

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  12. Dan dit :

    This hash is awesome! Nice medium between soft and crumbly. The taste is sweet n spicy with a powerful body high. Induces the heaviest of couch locks. Overall a nice switch up from the usual herb/concentrates 5/5.

  13. Eric dit :

    Excellent hash!

    Ordered this awhile back and was not disapointed!!! 5 star!

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  14. peter dit :


    Like many here who haven’t seen hash like this in a while all I can say is thanks White Palm! killer stuff just like the old days.

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  15. Étienne dit :

    Really great product thanks Phant and WP !

  16. Simon dit :

    Une main de fer dans un gant de velour!

    Si je ne planais pas tant en ce moment, je pourrais croire que je n’ai rien fumé. Je souffre d’asthme depuis des années et je m’étouffe facilement. Si je n’ai pas senti la fumée passer, c’est que ce haschisch est d’une douceur hors du commun. Sans être le plus costaud que j’ai connu, je vous assure qu’il se défend très bien. Pour cette bonne qualité, il mériterait quatre étoiles, mais son prix mieux qu’honnête lui mérite ses cinq étoiles. (Les petits contenants sont vraiment pratiques.)

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  17. Chris dit :

    Phant Afghan Hash

    Great product from phant. Nice smell and taste not too hard easy to break up for bowls and joints.

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  18. john dit :

    OMG its Real Hash

    i’ve only come across hash like this a hand full of times since the 80’s and this afghan is some of the smoothest .very relaxing yet functional

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  19. Frank dit :

    Just a great tasting hash. Super mellow high and sets you floating. Burns well and smells very sweet. Great peice of black and the price point is perfect. Five Stars

  20. Donald dit :

    " Felt Like a 70's Flashback to be sure eh"

    Seriously folks this is yet another Quality OLD SCHOOL ORIGINAL Product By Phant & White Palm. I am truly impressed by this one as Hashish today is Well, It’s just NOT REAL Hashish. I’ve tried these bubble hashes pressed etc.etc. & all it really did was make me Jones for the REAL DEAL! Until NOW that is. For Me Personally the Moroccan Is My Favorite however the Afghani is Amazing too. I did 3 average sized knife tokes through an Empty Paper towel roll with tooth pics in the bottom to hold Ice Cubes in. OMG I Honestly got weak in the knees people. lol. Seriously though it’s TRUE both the Afghani & Moroccan Hashish are LEGIT. taste, feel, & effect all there. I Concur with Brian &* Robert in the Fantastic Price & It’ll Be A Very Festive Holiday Season This Year to be sure

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  21. Robert dit :

    All I can say is wow great hash haven’t smoked hash this good since the late 80’s , nice taste good buzz, I will be buying more soon merry Christmas to me

  22. Brian dit :


    wow that much for that price unreal i felt like i stole it lol but really the Afghan hash tasted like heaven and was so good i had to order more and try the Moroccan has as well anybody reading this sign up you’ll like it
    white palm customer for life join up its worth it

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  23. Mathieu dit :

    Last time i smoke afgan hash i was in high school, and when i reveived this from whitepalm i was so stocked ! The hash smell like in my memories, same taste same smell ! This is awesome , it bring you on a great mood really relaxed ! 10/10

  24. Scout dit :

    A+ 10/10

    Phant Extracts never fails to deliver top notch quality products. Being an avid hash smoker, after trying a large selection of Phant wax and budder etc. I knew I had to give their hash a try. The high had the perfect potency and gave a perfect functional high. The smoke is smooth and smell is on point. There doesn’t seem to be a better hash out there for such a good price. Would rate this afghan hash 10 out of 10 for quality and 10 out of 10 for price.

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  25. Mark dit :

    Great hash. It’s seems it’s been very long since i smoked some hash like this. Old sckool. Clean taste and smoke. Felt very relaxed and mellow. Great treat. I enjoyed the afghan just a little more then the Moroccan IMO.

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