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15 réponses à “SINGLE-USE ELECTRIC Cherry Vape PEN”

  1. Glen dit :

    Great taste

    Super tasty and great buzz but i jad a few before seems to have dead battery just before it empty bit still totally worth it

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  2. Debbie dit :

    Love the pens

    Super tasty and good buzz. Love the discretion of these pens.

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  3. Amber dit :

    Phant is pretty reliable as far as disposables go, and with 6 puffs or so I actually feel something unlike some of the other disposables on the market, cherry was pretty tasty

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  4. James dit :

    Worked well for me

    Have had this pen for a while now and have been using it sparingly with great success. Works just as advertised. Find it makes me real sleepy.

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  5. Mike dit :

    Showed up dry.

    Awhile back i got a pen as part of a promo for spending x amount of money. The pen i received was dry and produced nothing but burnt taste from pull number one. I will add i had a couple of their pens prior with good usage but that was a dud and a friend/patient ordered a dozen of them and again 1 of 12 was dry. Contents had leaked into the battery or just not filled. I get stuff happens but nobody was willing to resolve our issue. I was told i would receibve a replacement and then the replies to my emails stopped. Decent product, poor customer service,

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  6. gary dit :

    very cherry!

    Very cherry taste and worth the price. :)

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  7. Khoa420 dit :

    Did someone say cherry?

    Gf got this as a free pen , at first it didn’t really taste like cherry , buff it a few time s, slow draw then you’ll taste the ripped cherry , kinda sweet . I personnally dont like articial aroma added to my medication , but this one is acceptable. Why 3 stars ? Well , I dont find it as potent as the other brand , maybe bcause of the strain used in this pen ? The buzz was ok , need lots of buffs for me to get high , so pen died quite quickly.

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  8. talia dit :


    trying ittt going to get cherry vaped

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  9. Sheri dit :

    A definite reorder product!! You get a cherry ? blast with every puff! Great function pen that is discrete. Flavor is BC cherry for sure!!

  10. Chris dit :


    The mix inside the pen is very good, i used it in my bubble pipe after the battery died. Which leads to my only complaint the battery died with pen still half full.

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  11. Breann dit :

    Didn’t like the cherry flavour but the convenience and discreteness is hard to beat. Lasted about 2 weeks when doing approximately 6 hits per day.

  12. John dit :

    Cherry Boom!!!

    Great tasting product, very discreet. However it lack in potency, I have to take about 6 to 8 puffs to feel something. I like Phant products. Will try the refillable ones next!!!

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  13. Jesse dit :

    Cant believe how mucb flavor this has. This is my first pen and i will definitly be getting another. Perfect for keeping it a little secret lol

  14. Alessandro dit :

    Go go gadget vape pen

    “In my opinion, we don’t devote nearly enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks.” Calvin, Calvin and Hobbs – Bill Watterson.
    This will at least help until a cure is found. Its compact, low drag and streamlined. It’s perfect as a take anywhere pen that is ready to be your right-hand man when those jerks in your life start pushing your buttons. Don’t stress just go go gadget vape pen and POOF life is awesome. Lets keep it awesome with some more of these vape pens.

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  15. John dit :

    I was super excited to get this one, since I had already enjoyed the tangerine pen to its natural conclusion. I was super disappointed in this pen for two reasons. The first, from the get go I suspicious about the amount of oil actually in the one I received, and I contacted whitepalm about it. I found in general this pen lasted half as long as the tangerine one so I think I must have received a pen that slipped through Quality control at phant. The second, the flavor is not that good, it’s comparable to DQ slush flavour of cherry, which I love!, but it doesn’t really hit the mark. It’s not bad but it’s not what I’m going to rush back and buy.

  16. James dit :


    Just like all the rest…Awsome….420

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  17. Noelan dit :

    Excellent Discreet, and potent!

    This little pen is super sweet. The pen is made of sturdy metal like substance, with a bit of weight to the pen. Not like some other disposable e pens with cheap plastic.
    The potency of the thc is strong, with a nice hint of tangerine on top. (I purchased the tangerine flavor)
    Kandy Kush is a great strain, giving you an almost immediate head buzz, followed by a steady deepening body buzz.

    Only downside is the amount of mix you get in the chamber, compared to other options a patient might have for achieving a similar setup using extracts of their own.

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  18. Riley dit :

    Cherry Heaven

    If you like fresh cherries i recommend this pen! Found it to have a stronger taste than the vanilla pen for flavour. Very effective and tasty picking up the six pack next time!

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  19. Billy T dit :

    Friggin awesome.

    Previously I thought that Tangerine would be my #1 flavour but this new cherry flavours is awesome. Tastes exactly like fresh cherries.

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