Grape Pure THC Distillate Vape ePen

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Une réponse à “Grape Pure THC Distillate Vape ePen”

  1. Lory dit :

    Grape vape pen

    I like the taste good high but not enough vape smoke don’t think I get so smoke & smoke then all of a sudden WOW

    Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Oui Non

  2. Justin dit :

    Didn’t get as many hits as it says on here…but the flavour was nice high not as intense as I would have liked

  3. Lori dit :

    Love these new disposable pens. THC distillate is much stronger than the old PhantsTHC Oil. You can use these pretty well anywhere but more than two in a row and my lungs are complaining. Nice vape density, I am not a fan of fnovelty flavours but the terpenes used in these pens makes it tasty and smooth.

  4. Lindsay dit :

    These are amazing. Awesome stone… Great for insomnia and tastes sooo good.

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