Pineapple Pure THC Distillate Vape ePen

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3 réponses à “Pineapple Pure THC Distillate Vape ePen”

  1. dany dit :

    tres bon produit

    tres bon produit avec un gout subtile d’annanas ,fais tres bien la job apres quelque puff

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  2. Hailey dit :

    Great taste love the pineapple !!!! 2-3 good hits and your good to go :)

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  3. Gabryel Rousseau dit :

    I think its the best flave with Blueberry.

    *Veteran Trick* : Buy two of the same flavor and put them confortably in your mouth….at the same time ! Inhale and do the same thing that you would have done with your lonely pen ! Yeah its simple I didnt say Heinstein’s Trick I said Veteran Trick Now Get High stfu and Enjoy ! They’ll last longer and you could buy more because Lho and Thc distillate are the future. Ayy .

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  4. Khoa420 dit :

    Huh?? Can’t leave a review? But as a comment only? Anyway, bought this for a friend , so my review is base on 4-5 good hits . First of , I’m not a fan of flavor add to my concentrate , but damn !! You guys gotta try this one , the taste is amazing ! All natural ripped pineapple flavor , it remind me of a nice pina colada, and the person near you can easily smell the ripped pineapple, so sweet. So very discrete in public , ppl will think you are vaping an e-cig . As for the effect , I’m a reasonable daily user , so I found it quite mild, relaxing mind and body , not heavy , just enough to make you feel good and no couch lock . Perfect for an easy relax day outside ,tanning,walk in a park, reading a book , meditation, before bed …etc . I’m givng it a 4 stars because I know ( for me) this kind of pen won’t last more than 2 weeks , and days for heavy users . Other than that I highly recommended to at least try it out once , I will definitely get one for myself (maybe another flavour) on my next order . WP can you tell us more about the % of thc and kind of strain using in this pen ?

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