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Pink Bubba

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14 réponses à “Pink Bubba”

  1. Joshua dit :

    Beautiful Bud!

    This is one killer strain. Everyone needs to try this potent flower while it lasts. Absolutely amazing!

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  2. Andre dit :

    Is this better than greasy pink ?

    Tad better than the greasy pink, noticed dark ashes but burned perfect and smooth. Yes I would purchase this again.

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  3. Dr. Herber West dit :

    Almost as good.

    I bought some of the greasy pink and some of this to compare. Both strains are quite similar. The bag appeal on this one murders the greasy pink. If you want a total “show off ” strain buy this one. It literally looks ‘sharp’ and it’s super sticky. Pictures won’t do it justice. The effects are similar to the greasy pink – max euphoria on the come up; but this one had more of a ‘spaced out’ feel compared to the greasy pink.

    The greasy pink from SC. Typical looks, gasoline nose. nice and sticky. Burns cleaner. Taste is more noticeable on the palate. And the high is basically perfect. Like, it’s seriously magical.

    Ultimately, I prefer the greasy pink but this one here is still high quality medicine and worth a try. It’s probably the nicest looking flower I’ve ever had.

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  4. trevor middleton dit :


    while i enjoyed the floral and spicy notes of this bud..i found the stone less than the price point…it is well trimmed but i felt it was dry and a bit light…smooth smoke…nice high…but i expected more…

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  5. paul lauwereys dit :


    good stuff …. potent …sticky….taste good…. a must try….

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  6. Dustin dit :

    Almost greasy pink

    Just about as good as greasy pink not quite as sticky very nice wish it was a little cheaper though hard to afford the quality I need

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  7. Jared Bull dit :

    Amazing Bud

    A light brownish green bud with a nice amount of trichomes. Buds are on the fluffy side with some nice hairs and good trimming. Smokes very smooth and sure doesn’t take a whole lot to feel the effects. A great smoke that’s definitely a for sure must try.

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  8. Bradley dit :

    Heavy Hitting Indica

    Heavy hitting Indica will have to in lalal land in no time! Taste is amazing and woke up fully rested.

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  9. chris richardson dit :

    Perfection in a flower

    I am at a lose for words, South Coast has some competition or as stated in the description is a perfect alternative between crops. Thank you for the recommendation, it helped me get back on track and almost pain free. Cheers

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  10. Aysia dit :

    beautiful dark in colour, frosted with sticky goodness. smell and taste is some of the best i’ve had in a while. very smooth smoke with a clean ash. heavy hitting and potent. cerebral and body high head to toe. couch lock is no joke. hope wp does another sale on this one, because i’d grab more for sure!

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  11. Justin dit :

    Similar to greasy pink

    Its pretty good, trim could be a bit better.
    Otherwise just like greasy pink but not quite as potent.

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  12. brad dit :

    Watch out Ghlst you may have some serious competition here

    This strain from EVB is absolutely stunning and almost perfect representation of the strain. Its definitely on par with the greasy pink bubba not quite as strong but definitely nicer looking and smelling bag appeal is outta this world. Only complaint I have is with the ounce deal which dont get me wrong is finally a great option but for some reason they do not ship it in a hard contain like advertised or like they do with the half quarters. So was a little disappointed to see something that boasts about never touching plastic was in a vacuum sealed bag not even there regular ziplocks then vaccum sealed. Was thrown straight into the vaccum sealed bag though thank god they put into a small box after so it wouldnt get squished or anything during shipping so it wasnt that bad but would definitely prefer a hard container even if I had to pay extra for shipping I would have.

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  13. Liam dit :

    Bonne chose

    Very nice pink bubba. Buds were more dense than other stuff I’ve gotten from evb. Had a nice nose/ taste. Had to say I found south coast pink bubba to be more potent . Grabbed this one on sale so happy with that.

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  14. ken dit :


    Great all around smoke!

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