Power Plant

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5 réponses à “Power Plant”

  1. James dit :

    Good stuff really nice buds full and hard..and gets u nice buzz.

  2. Chris dit :

    nice sativa strain it does as it says. I used it and a bit of coffee to help me read through a textbook

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  3. Chris dit :

    Euphoric on verge of manic

    I look for strains that are tagged for depression knowing full well that some strains can get me to the brink of manic (I ‘m bi – polar type 2.) Power Plant can really pick my up in a down cycle in an instant but have to be careful not to get too “high” figuratively and literally. I have high tolerance and I like a strain that can say “hello” and this strain delivers. Would stay away if anxiety is an issue as this comes on strong – but to break a depressive cycle PP is great.

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  4. Eric dit :

    Day time:)

    Love this strain of Sativa! Great for day smoking/vapping

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  5. Aaron dit :

    5 star rating for sure! Love this strain! Left me with an energetic high… will definitely be getting this strain again!

  6. Eric dit :

    Hello Sativa!

    For the level and great day time effects, this is it!

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  7. Ryan dit :

    Great for daytime!

    Really good day time buzz with just enough kick to feel it. Really nice looking buds and smoked clean!

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