Purple Candy Kush Shatter

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Faible Med Haut

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9 réponses à “Purple Candy Kush Shatter”

  1. Jamie bunn dit :


    Excellent flavor, very enjoyable taste.
    Found it to be a little bit harsh but overall not to bad.
    Packs a hell of a punch, a couple puffs from my vape and I was ready to rock and roll.
    Overall a solid 8/10

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  2. Gabryel dit :

    Delicious Delicieux

    Premiere Fois que je Report en Francais . Cette Shatter est de loin la plus pure et la plus Healthy possible . La clarté se voit à un point tel que Phant on Décidé Dinclure le extract dans de petit pot en plastique. Mainte preuve de la consistance exemplaire de leur Shatter . Bref , du mirroir d’or a l’état pur.
    Le gout Tres délicieux de bonbon justifi parfaitement le nom de cette Sorte

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  3. Martin dit :


    My favorites shatter HIGHLY recommended!

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  4. Mike dit :

    Sweet as candy

    Sweet as candy and heavy as any kush on the market. Could smoke this all day just to keep tasting it…. but I would probably pass out! Phant is an amazing extract supplier and recommend their products to everyone now

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  5. talia dit :

    just amazing

    the flavour and smell are amazing and the high is just heaven i was feeling so relaxed and just loving life great for depression and insomnia

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  6. Pier-olivier dit :

    This is the best shatter of the world ! So I do recommend to buy this, its a must !

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  7. Ashley dit :

    Soo nice I love this shatter and I know I can trust what I’m buying is good quality and controlled!

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  8. Andrew dit :

    Great brand, One of my favourites. Highly recommended!!!

  9. Étienne dit :

    Yep it does taste candy and its insane ! The quality is there for sure and i aint got nothing bad to say about it !!

  10. gary dit :

    Amazing product , definitely hits the right spot. nice,clean, and smooth taste but powerful! Will be ordering more soon :D

    Thanks WhitePalm and Phant!!

  11. Ron dit :

    Great purple terps in this product

  12. Ian dit :

    Got a 3 pack of this beauty and was not disappointed! Very potent but goes down smooth. Used in a dab rig and pen and both provided great flavor. Highly recommended :)

  13. Rudy dit :

    This is some tasty shatter, you can taste all the flavours and terpenes. You can always count on phant and GWP. I found this shatter helpful with my pain and really gave me a uplifting and euphoric feeling. Great for mood swings and depression I would think.

  14. Jesse dit :

    Another mouth watering hoot from phant and whitepalm. Please keep these amazing products coming. Costumer for life. Go whitepalm Go

  15. Chris dit :

    Great product…..a taste that leaves your mouth watering for more. Used in a kandy pen…..like candy indeed. Will definitely buy more.

  16. Mark dit :

    It does actually taste like grape candy.

  17. Jason dit :

    My Favorite Shatter (and I've tried many different brands)

    I have made multiple orders for PHANT Shatter and it satisfies absolutely every time! It is by far one of the best tasting and potent products I have every experienced. BUY IT…BUY MORE>>>>>>YOU”LL LOVE IT!!!!!

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  18. Lisa dit :

    This is so,me wonderful shatter, very powerful as one only needs a minimal amount to get there. Been pain free White |Palm! thank you…

  19. Jason McCallum dit :

    Just received my first try of the Phant purple candy Shatter. I was really skeptical after trying Golds master kush. Golds taseed horrible. After trying Phants purple candy im now very impressed. It taste just like the name candy. So much better. If your like me youd try golds first cause its a little better for the wallet. My advice is dont cheap out. Go Phant all the way.

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