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A propos de la souche :
Faible Med Haut

The Purple Candy strain is one of those Indica-dominant crosses that’s good all around, especially for those who need strong relaxing medication. Another BIG bang for your buck from OK Craft. Straight sweet fuel.

OK Craft’s take on the much beloved indica Purple Candy strain is excellent. Crack a few of these buds and you will be met with a wonderful, pungent fragrance. This is perfect bud for rolling large joints: maximum stickiness. Hard recommend for Indica lovers.

Purple Candy strain, the British Columbian cannabis strain that is commonly thought to be a cross of BC Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps. Its large flowers with nice purple hues and amber hairs support the purple genetics.

Purple Candy’s frosty buds will leave your hands sticky, much like normal candy, but instead of a sugar rush it will provide some happy effects.

The sensation will settle into a full body buzz that may leave you lazy and ready for bed. Sugary-sweet in scent and taste, Purple Candy will have you thinking of your favourite grape flavoured treat.

After taste and smell is hashish like with a hint of berry. The buzz is mainly physical and pain killer but is also very psychedelic in the mind.

Effets :
Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric
Médical :
Insomnia, Stress, Pain
À propos du vendeur :

OK Craft

Always great herb
2 avis de clients

OK Craft Herb and Extracts make some of the best herb and extracts in Canada. A ton of effort and time goes into making all the products they provide. That word passion gets thrown around a lot but with these guys, passion for herb is their middle name. Quality herb and extracts = OK Craft/Okanagan Craft.


17 réponses à “Purple Candy”

  1. Tyler Burden dit :

    Love love love. OK

    Ok craft is something to be not taken lightly . For these prices they are pushing out 170 to 200$ bag quality at a cheap cheap oz price that can hardly be beaten . For the bud it cant be beaten .

    Taste 8
    High 8 . Almost instant .
    Bag appeal 8 nice medium size nugs trimmed well and tight. Sticky buds holy crap and it busts up perfect .

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  2. Nick dit :

    Got some big nugs in my bag. Smells good. Nice strong buzz. Taste is nothing special. Great for the price

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  3. Patrick Odonnell dit :

    Great smoke

    I give this a 5 star rating .the quality for the price is wicked .Its a heavy hitter with a great taste I would buy again thank you gwp and thank you ok craft .

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  4. Micheal Greene dit :

    Gonna be a great one!

    High folks, letting you know my thoughts on this Purple Candy strain by OKCraft. Bravo going out to all at White Palm for scoring this up and comer. Now when I say that I want you to know that I like the product I received and I am excited for the potential of this strain! Right now I got some very nice sized buds. Nice medium green colour and nicely powdered. Not too dense, quite fluffy still. Lots of beautiful orange hairs all over. Smell is nice but not yet pronounced. Slight grapy smell but it smells Purple lol. Funny cause I see no Purple. Fairly smooth smoke with that hint of grape but damn does it pack a punch! Yup a great high. Comes pretty quick and it is headier than I expected…nice…and it has nice relaxing indica traits that I loves! For the price this was a super score and I probably should get another bag lol. But once this bud comes back around it should be an even better bud. Gonna get back to this bag and you all will love some Purple Candy! Cheers!

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  5. Brandon Abel dit :

    Not just ok

    This new company has definitely hit high praise with its amazing, high thc levels along with a great low price range. I hope to order all of ok craft has to offer. I’ve tried the bubba and the purple candy, both are great in there own ways.

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  6. Mike dit :

    Nice flower

    While this stuff isn’t near as dank as the Tuna was it is still a really nice flower that burns smooth and clean. I was going to give it 4 stars but considering the price I had to give it 5. Most of the cheap weed I have ordered hasn’t impressed me at all but these guys actually produce a very nicely grown product at a very reasonable price, the way it should always be. Can’t go wrong with this stuff for the price.

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  7. Dustin dit :

    This one wasn’t quite as good as I was expecting still not to bad for the price

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  8. David dit :

    Enjoyable, great value

    Nice buds in my ounce, one was 3+ gms. Fairly sticky when breaking it up, nice earthy smell, maybe a hint of grape if I try really hard… :)
    Smokes well. Good trim, good cure, burnt smoothly. Tastes good, with a nice high that is initially sativa-like, and then builds to a heavier stone if you keep going. Good value for sure, gets me well toasted. For $5 a gram, this is a good purchase – recommended.

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  9. Matthew Reynolds dit :

    Another home run from OK Craft

    Very nice. Absolutely gorgeous buds, half covered with thick orange-red hairs. I’ll admit I dont taste or smell anything that would suggest “purple” to me but its definitely sticky like candy. Smells great, tastes good, good solid body buzz that lasts longer than average. Would buy again and cant wait to see what’s next from the good people at OK Craft.

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  10. Brandon Hayden dit :

    ok Craft with another one

    Awesome strain,the tuna kush was a lot danker but overall both are 5 star strains,restock both strains plz

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  11. Rolando Moreno dit :

    Very good

    Nice buzz nice taste good price :)

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  12. Margo dit :

    Purple candy

    Not too bad. Doesn’t leave me couch locked. Smaller buds.

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  13. Shawn dit :


    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Nice looking buds. Taste not bad not great, not super smooth but not harsh. Strong nighttime high, good value.

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  14. Lynsey dit :

    Beauty of a Deal

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    I was surprised with the potency of the buzz in this!! The price is awesome and well worth it. Nice sticky buds that are coated, strong, pleasant taste and smell. I like it. Will buy again.

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  15. peter dit :

    a fait le tour

    Reçu comme annoncé, belle fumée, pas de plaintes...merci WP.

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  16. ConCon dit :

    Just okay

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    The bag wasn’t very fragrant. I found not much scent to it at all.
    Some nice looking buds. Big dark and full of hairs.
    Tastier than the scent led on. A bit of fruity and floral notes.
    Doesn’t burn the greatest. Bit of crackling while burning and I need to keep relighting my joints (pretty annoying).
    I found it delivered a medium level high. I actually use it for early daytime smoking.
    Overall this one is just okay for the price paid. I wouldn’t reorder it though.
    Maybe I’ll do some baking for 420 with this one.

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  17. Colleen dit :

    Priced right

    Decent buzz for your buck. Nice size buds, smells terrific but the flavour didn’t live up to the aroma.

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