Purple Urkle

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Faible Med Haut

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6 réponses à “Purple Urkle”

  1. Shane dit :

    SUUUPER Pain Killer Indica

    Talk about a pain reliever. Had a NASTY flue when I first purchased this bud, and it made me functional again so I could get some work done. I try to stay away from smoking when sick because I find that after the high tapers off, I feel worse, BUT NOT THIS GUY! All pain including, headache, body chills and nausea were all gone in a matter of minutes after vaping this. Definitely going to buy some more when in stock and keep it in my medicine cabinet! HAHA Thanks WP!

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  2. Mike dit :

    Small buds. But very good. Would buy again

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  3. Mike dit :

    Very clean smoke. Feel it in the back of the head after 2/3 of a doobie. My half looked like it from close to bottom of bag, I prefer the bigger buds ( I’d give it a 5 if bigger buds). Definitely one worthy of future purchase. One thing I find is the product isn’t matching pictures on all my purchases. It seems that a microscopic lens is use to take pics. So I don’t use the pics to make selections. I go by description and what company they come from

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  4. Bill dit :

    After opening the bag

    I’ve found that some of the high quality weeds from WP benefit greatly by being taken out of their bag and allowed to breathe a little. I have d

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  5. Robert dit :

    Very tasty bud , lots of resin when burning good buzz

  6. Conor dit :

    Listen, don’t get me wrong, this is fire bud. I would sing its praises if it weren’t for one flaw.

    I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I did notice that one nug was particularly darker in colour than the rest. I didn’t think much of it until I broke it down and vaped it. It tasted awful, musty, and it gave me this weird nauseating high. The smell was so bad I had to clean my vape and blast a normal nug. The normal one was exactly as expected: fire! But I must admit the first nug was an unpleasant experience that I’m dissatisfied to have paid for. I’m not even sure what made it dark and musty, but I suspect it could have been mold. If that’s the case, then I think this could have been avoided.

    Again, I’m not pointing any fingers, but I know that someone somewhere along the line from seed to sale earned this 1-star. Keep up the good work WP. But please make sure this never happens again, or to anyone else.

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  7. Lori dit :

    Lovely Bud!! Deep purple hints with lots of resin coating calyxes and leaves.
    Not greatest nose in bag but the smooth fruity smoke is very enjoyable. Trim a little rough but longer leaves are well coated. Very enjoyable smoke!

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