Purple White Lightning

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19 réponses à “Purple White Lightning”

  1. Aysia dit :


    The scent and flavour is intoxicating. I had my nose stuck to my grinder. It smells THAT GOOD! As it has been said a few times in the reviews, this strain is a creeper. It starts with creativity and euphoria, and an hour or so later ends with a relaxing body high that pulls you into a deep state of sedation.

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  2. Shane dit :

    A Great Night Time Creative Strain

    For all the creatives out there that like to work at night or before bed, this might be the strain for you! It provides a long high thats balanced. It gave me that great creative boost right away and tapered down to a sedative pain relieving high once my work was done at the end of the night. The only reason why I gave it a 4/5 is because I found it to lack some of the purple in colour. BUT other than that, the taste, smell and high of this strain is top notch! Great job as usual!

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  3. Kyle dit :

    fantastic strain

    great taste that comes with a nice long deep high. the smell is sweet and gassy with beautiful looking nugs.

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  4. Matt dit :

    Top Shelf Strain

    PWL is some of nicest bud I’ve yet to see. Everyone remembers their first time holding weed that was honest to goodness purple, which was surrounded by the frostiest and most vibrant greens. Seeds were non existent, and there aren’t too many stems – but my god was every nanometre of it caked with good crystal. When unboxing, it had a sent that permeated 2 plastic bags. When vaped – it definitely has a memorable flavour to it. It’s up to everyone’s interpretation, but its finally nice to be in the leagues when your weed has a good (but not great) taste. But aside from its looks, it performs wonderfully. Subjectively speaking from a recreational user, the high feels like a 60/40 split of mind over body. You’ve got the mental control but the couchlock, which should make for some great TV watching. But I still feel that the indica is quite strong with this one, so I use it as a excellent nightcap.

    For my first order of bud on the sight, I was pleased with it. I hold onto the hope that there are better and wilder strains I’ve yet to have with GWP!

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  5. Gabryel dit :

    The taste could have been better but the high was an amazing hype and the down Was appreciate as I went to my fridge to est the f everything ! The colour is also a nice thing about that strain but one funny thing 1/2 nug were purple ahah

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  6. Glen dit :

    Absolutley genius

    Wow first order from this site close to the best smoke i ever had delicous smell want to sleep with it under my pillow

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  7. Dylan dit :


    I give two thumbs up its quality bud very good for med users

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  8. dwayne dit :

    Not as much of a potent smell and taste as i was looking for but it is a great clean smoke and gets me stonned so im content

    not bad could be better

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  9. Eric dit :

    pretty awesome

    totally made me feel calm, made me feel more relaxed and less anxious.

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  10. Dylan dit :

    Good genetics

    I like the coulors and density od thisbgood for hungwr and sleep sorry for typos

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  11. Brian dit :

    Great Hybrid, your mind and body will thank you.

    Appearance 9/10 medium green buds, dense and sticky, very nice cure, trim was a little leafy but acceptable, a better trim would earn a 10. Very sticky frosting is impressive to gave upon.
    Aroma 9.5/10 unique! i smell grape and fruity under tones, you can also tell that there is that unmistakable widow scent in there.
    Flavor 9.5/10 a very grape-ish flavor, strong thick vapor, very enjoyable exhale! leaves a sugary sweet taste on your lips YUM! this stuff arrived very dry so i will re-moisten it and i anticipate an even greater flavor once that is complete.
    Active effects 10/10 I felt the sativa comes on strong at 1st, very nice heavy head high, then the indica kicks in and a nice calming wave eases your body into a zen relaxed state, a very enjoyable all around experience. Solid choice for nerve pain relief!
    Overall 9.5/10 Smells and tastes great, looks very nice and hits both the mind and body just right!

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  12. Cody dit :

    Purple and green.

    Don’t know if there were different buds by mistake of just different part of the plant, but i had one bud that was way greener and almost different in smell and taste, but all in all bother were very enjoyable, the PWL had an awesome purple flavor, not harsh at all. My mother loved it lol

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  13. Dylan dit :

    Very good

    Really nice heavy hitting kush great for insomnia my buddy gave me a rip of this and i was red eyed
    High 8/10
    Taste 9/10
    Nugs dense structure 10/10
    I would buy a few ounces of this its amazing

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  14. Patrick dit :

    Good Smoke!

    I’m only giving three stars due to lack in taste department. Great bud otherwise.

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  15. Sylvain dit :


    Tres tres beau
    Odeur très présente
    Gout sucré/fruité tres agréable
    Buzz qui vas avec le reste 9/10

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  16. Brian dit :


    Ordered 3.5g to try it out and boy am I ever glad I did! Extremely tranquil high with an amazing sense of well-being. After 2 hits my body was completely relaxed and mind calm. As another reviewer noted, it’s definitely a sneaky creeper. Going to bed after smoking this made me feel like I was floating on a giant pillow. Tried it the first time in the daytime and it does knock you out a bit so best for nighttime consumption. That said, it’s not a huge couch-locker. I was able to enjoy a couple fantastic hikes while high on this strain.

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  17. Justin dit :

    Great but

    It’s great. Great flavour, looks and Buzz. But again, this Indica dominant strain was more sativa dominant for me.

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  18. Kristy dit :

    love it

    calming but effective

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  19. Colin dit :

    Wait for it....

    Right out of the bag this is a winner! Beautiful bag appeal and bouquet. Smokes very smooth with a calming body hit right away, but it’s a creeper and packs a punch, more than a lot of “purples”. Knocks pain down quickly. 2 thumbs up here.

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