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7 réponses à “Super Purple K”

  1. Aysia dit :


    another great strain, however, i personally find this acts more as a balanced hybrid than an indica. i enjoy smoking this in the daytime for a nice body stone and some creativity. i also found it’s been a great mood stabilizer.

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    • Brian dit :

      I agree!

      Purple Kush absolutely offers a heavy but balanced high that works anytime of the day,
      PK has to have a spot on the Mount Rushmore of all time great weed strains!
      It really is a one stop shopping experience when it’s grown and cured right.

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  2. Stephen MacDonald dit :

    Perfectly lovely

    This is really, really nice, and must have been an absolutely beautiful crop visuallly. The colour of these buds is unlike anything I have ever seen. Three solid rips from the bong, and I was asleep in 45 min. Put me out for 3.5 hours which is amazing. Probably won’t anesthetize everyone, I’m severely insomniac. Lifted on a smooth wave of euphoria into sleep. Mmmm, the colour of the nugs…

    Thank you Quality Canna.

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  3. Brian dit :

    Well grown PK.

    Appearance 9.5/10 dark green dense sticky buds with purple highlights and a few dark hairs, great cure, decent trim job.
    Aroma 10/10 sweet earthy gassy purple kush! The good stuff!
    Flavor 10/10 classic juicy sweet PK!, juicy sweet earthy gas strong thick expansive delicious vapor,the real deal, mouth watering PK goodness.
    Active effects 10/10 perfect balance between body numbing pain killing properties and mind and mood elevating qualities,this stuff will relax you and numb the chest and eyes while energizing and motivating.
    Overall 10/10 a real special strain grown and cured very well, do yourself a favor and find out for yourself.
    Quality Canna is kicking some serious ass these days!

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  4. Cole Schragner dit :


    Sticky icky, looks good tastes good even smells good, nice high too

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  5. Kyle Ward dit :

    worth a try

    Doesn’t take much to do the trick!

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  6. Glen dit :

    Need more please

    Im a huge fan of pk this was above normal super u could say lol nice clean smoke and great high

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