Raspberry Cough

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3 réponses à “Raspberry Cough”

  1. Justin dit :

    Perfect cure and premium high very heady on the high nothing too overwhelming allows you to function throughout​the day. The more you smoke the more you feel the euphoria. Great bud to have some drinks with or even out at a festival. Would definitely purchase again

  2. Jean-Robert dit :

    Love of the rasperry !

    **I Always Use a Volcano Vaporiser at lvl 9, using 0.25g /Bag. ** I like the taste of that one, fruitty and soft, but low in THC, good for daily use with activities. for this strain it’s a little bit overprice in my opinion, but need to try at least 1 time to make your own verdict. Cause it’s . not the best but sure a good one ;)

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  3. Joshua dit :

    Amazing flavour

    This flower was one of the tastiest flowers I’ve ever tried please white palm bring more in stock

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  4. Joshua dit :

    wow that taste

    this strain was one of my top best tasting strains ive ever tried it tasted like raspberry pie great for daytime use.

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