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Your taste buds haven’t felt anything as smooth as the QNTM GOLD premium THC juice that is used to create 1g Rootbeer Disposable Vape.

The Rootbeer Disposable Vape is designed from the best all natural ingredients. QNTM’s expert mixologists blend each flavour to perfection while creating flavours that are unique and popular to all vape users.

Let your senses revel in the sweet delights of their 8 exotic island-fresh flavours full of goodness crafted to perfection.

This bud has a mouthwatering flavor of Rootbeer soda.

Comes with:

  • 1 x rechargeable disposable vape pen

About the Rootbeer Disposable Vape effects:

The high is quite potent and mostly cerebral, often increasing focus as mental stresses melt away. A tingling sensation spreads throughout the body, relaxing it, as stress is relieved all-around. For some, creativity may also spark or become enhanced.

Taille :
Effets :
Sedative, Relaxing
Médical :
Insomnia, Pain, Stress
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From flavour to technology, our mission is to bring you quality cannabis products without the burn and smoke of a traditional marijuana flower. We believe in driving the medicinal and recreational industry forward, pushing the boundaries of cannabis science, and making products that people enjoy.

The QNTM Process

Highest grade distillate made from the best possible Cannabis flowers.


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