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Faible Med Haut

2 réponses à “Sasquatch”

  1. Joshua dit :

    Un truc génial

    Some really potent stuff. Everyone should try this one out.

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  2. Mike dit :

    Not sure what I received

    I’m not sure what I got but it definitely did not look anything at all like what is pictured here. I definitely received an EVB strain but it wasn’t what is pictured above, it looked more like the Real OG I got before, the buds are of a decent size and pretty dense. The smell is pretty good, not overpowering but it’s nice. I didn’t find the high all that great though, it was a bit weak for the price we’re paying for the stuff. The stuff in the picture is very destinctive looking, definitely not what I got, even though it did say Sasquatch on the label.

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