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Silver Haze – Smalls Deal

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A propos de la souche :
Faible Med Haut

Silver Haze hits hard! It is a Sativa user's dream come true. Small nugs deal!

Silver Haze, was the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999. It also won awards at the High Times Harvest Festival.

By crossing the genetics of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, we are left with a beautiful, sticky Sativa blend that boasts an energetic, long-lasting body high.

If you are tired and/or experiencing any sort of head or muscle pain then this is definitely the Sativa strain to remedy you.

The uplifting effects are a great remedy for high-stress levels or when suffering from a lack of appetite or nausea. Super Silver Haze is also valuable because it can clear your head and produce entirely different states of mind and being. It is truly a very special strain!

One last thing, Dean found himself getting pretty hungry (as in hungry enough to prepare a BBQ feast) about 30 minutes  into his high so you might want to have something to munch on prepared or at least the ingredients ready for cooking.

Effets :
Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Energetic
Médical :
Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue
À propos du vendeur :
Boutique micro-cannabis growers.
6 Customer Reviews

Highland’s cannabis is artisanal, locally grown, trimmed by hand and cultivated by a top horticultural team. Not only that but they are a true and tight-knit family which makes for the perfect combination of team work, productivity, and creativity. Highland grows some of the best cannabis in the country.


7 réponses à “Silver Haze – Smalls Deal”

  1. Matthew dit :

    Burns weird and smells awful

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Non

    Buds were a good size and looks nice… but smells brutal when you burn it and burns weird, it doesnt burn evenly and everything around the cherry turns black and it goes out all the time and is hard to keep lit. Seems like it’s just full of chemicals and pesticides or something.

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  2. Aysia dit :


    Great stuff. Very sticky and potent

    Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Oui Non

  3. Dylan dit :


    Very good for appetite stimulant and depressed

    Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Oui Non

  4. Alessandro dit :

    Great sativa

    This is a great, all-round sativa.

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  5. James dit :

    Has different effects on different people I'm sure

    For some reason this strain seems to have suppressed my appetite as opposed to making me hungry. I felt hungry but didn’t find food as enjoyable when I went to eat for some reason as I have on other strains. Also felt odd bits of paranoia for no apparent reason. I certainly did enjoy the smell and flavour of the bud though and all in all it really didn’t make me feel that bad, I still felt good and energetic. This is just my personal opinion and I am not trying to diss the strain at all.

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  6. Jon Hartley dit :

    Not bad.

    I loved the look and smell of these buds and initially, the effects were great. Super euphoric and heady but when that buzz starts to disappear (a little sooner than I would have liked), it’s replaced by an intense hunger.

    Still a really nice strain but there’s better here.

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  7. Chad dit :


    this is my favorite sativa i have ever smoked!!
    i thought the quality was going to be lower since it is a 35$ eighth but i honestly like it better than the greasy pink bubba i ordered (although the pink bubba is AWESOME)

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