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9 réponses à “SINGLE-USE ELECTRIC Purple Candy Vape Pen”

  1. Glen dit :

    Liked it easy to puff anywhere

    Great taste and killer buzz only thing was battery did last before product was all gone

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  2. Lucas dit :

    Tastes great

    Probably the best flavor I found, tastes like rockets candy. Very satisfying in both flavor and high, just a little pricy for what you get.

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  3. kamar dit :

    Easy Smoking

    My gf can’t hold a breath at all but she loves the pen and takes a few puffs before bed. Would rate higher but my wallet says no I had mine thrown in as a promotion…

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  4. Nicholas dit :

    No coughing.

    For someone who smokes quite heavy this was surprisingly not bad, lasted longer than I expected. The high is a little mellow, but that could be just me since I smoke heavy. I got it for free to try and I’m going to try a different flavour soon.

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  5. Anikula dit :

    Well I got one of these pens and it seemed to be all clogged up and I could not get a good puff I don’t think I will get this product again

  6. Khoa420 dit :

    Not sure !

    Got this as my free pen , sorry phant , but you sux ! Even thought they use the same pen as south coast , I find it harder to draw on this pen . Taste is awful! Hard on the throat! Bad batch ? Stop using after 10 buffs , afraid it may do harm to my lung . Not potent . Can’t wait for a replacement .

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  7. Mike dit :

    Great invention

    Got that as my free pen to check them out. Very easy to use and extremely discreet. I don’t feel the 23% THC but I have a very high tolerance. Pen looked quite empty when I first got it. But after standing it up a few hours it settled and there quite a bit. I’m at just over 200 hits and not quite empty yet, close though. I’d get more of this one. But going try few others 1st. Pens will definitely be a big part of my smoking for convenience and discression, although a do prefer doobies

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  8. Mike dit :

    Shatter usually makes me hack, but I found this really smoothe. Almost kinda dangerous, I could rip back ten hits without coughing. Great format, very discreet and convenient.
    However, 45 bucks for a 1/2 gram of shatter is pretty steep. I’d recommend this for people who want to try out shatter, but most people are probably better off buying a quality pen and shatter seperately.

  9. Shane Thomas dit :

    love it.

    so convenient. its nice ad discreet. perfect for when you get a bit of anxiety or some stress come on thru out the day. 2 or 3 puffs and your good to go. love it

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  10. amanda dit :

    not bad

    I got this as a free value offer so I cant complain to much but I dont think its worth the money I would get something stronger next time, the pen was only about half way full if I paid 45$ I would have bed very mad. I got maybe 15- 20 good pulls out of it and it was empty does not smell or taste like anything except for weed if you’re trying to be discreet I suggest another flavor.

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  11. adavis74 dit :

    Hi everyone I use pot to medicate. I have a medical card and I’m old school I use dried and CBD oil from my medical dispensary. They just weren’t doing the trick I was still having major break through pain (I have severe fibromyalgia) . I have a family member the recommended shatter, so i started to good for good companies, your site popped up. It was a little bumpy at first my fault not theirs lol . I am a avid online shopper but I have to say this is the BEST MOST AWESOME service I have ever received. THANKS SO MUCH my pain is filled , the packaging is amazing, the gift wicked but hard to smoke all in all I am one happy customer a gazillion stars to up and a special thanks to Dean and Ashley high five lol ?

  12. David dit :

    Got this pen as my free phant pen. Very discreet, perfect for evening/night use.
    Thanks whitepalm!

  13. Trevor dit :

    I purchased 6 of these pens after trying one. They are amazing.. you can use them almost anywhere very discreetly. The smell disappears quickly and they last longer than I was expecting. Very happy with this product. I will definitely buy more!

  14. Andrew dit :

    Never tried phantom or the vape pens but the taste and potency were top notch and discreet so it was perfect for medicating pretty much anywhere also lasts quite awhile would recommend it to anybody

  15. Ben dit :

    I purchased this Jan 2017, love the favour, the smoothness of the hit and the discreteness

  16. Brian paolino dit :

    This is what introduced me to medical marijuana. I was not a recreational user and last me I was introduced to someone who let me try this and it was perfect I am so grateful

  17. Jesse dit :

    So convenient. So tasty. So discreet. This s the best disposable pen I have tried phant your amazing. Whitepalm thanks for making it happen

  18. Nathan dit :

    I recently purchased this and the cherry version. These pens are the perfect way to get your THC. easy on the lungs, portable and discreet enough to use almost anywhere. I found my new way of smoking, however I question if these pens are high enough quality and if another vape option would be prudent. The problem I had was the purple candy kush pen I got was really hard to smoke. The stuff inside seemed dried up and I could never get a good haul. Overall I highly recommend this product (assuming the issue I had with mine isn’t common).

  19. Riley dit :

    Clean and convenient

    A perfect pick up for someone who dosent already own a dab pen or dosent like having to keep one charged all the time. If you want to try shatter and dont have a rig pick one of these bad boys up they are everything in one! after four hauls it hit me pretty well full body relaxation. cant go wrong with the price either phant is amazing medicine, and who dosent like sothing so simple no mess no reloading, just haul and let your pain float away.

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  20. Tyler dit :

    Extremely good flavor and super smooth hit, no smell after using it indoors, and super clean high, starts in the head and settles into the body would recommend this to any medical marijuana patient, Phant is the way to go.

  21. Mark dit :

    This pen is so easy to use and so discreet. Where have you been all my life.

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