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10 réponses à “SINGLE-USE ELECTRIC Tangerine Vape Pen”

  1. Darren dit :


    I have tried all flavours in the Phant line I like tangerine the best, nice relaxing effect too

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  2. Jason dit :

    Amazing product these gape pens are!

    These device are very handy and very discreet! I got a free pen when I placed my first order and loved it. I a, considering buying 6 for the $200 deal just to have around. Good for those times I can’t use my magneto vale pen.

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  3. Lucas dit :

    Good on the go

    Good for when your on the go, I would suggest keeping it in the protective case thing it comes in though when not in use, the tangerine flavor is very potent but nice. Decent high

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  4. Matt dit :

    Smooth and tasty

    I really enjoyed this pen. Easy to use easy to store. I found it worked very well and I’ve used it over 50 times and it’s still going.
    Highly recommend

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  5. Steven dit :

    Works great indoors. Harder to get a nice pull when its windy. Still a good go to when ya cant pack and light!

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  6. Justin dit :

    This pen is great, one of the best. But this particular flavour is gross in my opinion. Only pen that’s ever choked me. But good stone, smooth draws.

  7. Dan dit :

    The most convenient way to discreetly medicate.
    Great flavour as well as potency.
    Definately worth the sign up thanks White Palm!
    5stars and a two thumbs up

  8. Tyler dit :

    Best Pens

    I have now tried every kind on here except the cherry. These Tangerine ones are nice. Good taste, and only need a few puffs and you’re good to go. So convenient as well, no charging, no hassle, just puff. Phant have the best disposable pens out there out of all the ones I’ve tried, and I tried many.

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  9. jeremy dit :


    i got this pen for free with my free pen when i recieved it it looked only 3 quarters full maybe that is how they were supposed to look i toked it it was very smooth and not alot of smoke was produced . i got about 50 puffs off of it and it seemed to b empty so my experience with this pen as not good it did work good for pain though and the high was not super intence like most indicas over 24 pcent thc ie pink kush . my oppinion maybe i just had a bad pen but in my opinion i dnt think it wood b worth 45 buks kinda let down cause get whitepalm is amazing on all there products so i was surprised to get this experience :(

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  10. Simon dit :


    Pour la discrétion et l’effet, j’aurais pu donner 5 étoiles. Le goût de tangerine demande plus que de l’imagination, mais ce n’est qu’un détail. Je m’interroge sur deux point. 1) Le prix : j’ai du mal à faire la comparaison avec le rendement de ce truc et celui d’un 3.5 de bon cannabis. 2) Le gaspille et la pollution : Une pile jetable… C’est assez terrible, l’herbe devrait être un truc bien plus écologique que ça. Ceci dit, je l’ai reçu en bonus avec ma première commande et j’ai donc vraiment apprécié le bidule.

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  11. Dee-Ann dit :

    this is my 3rd one the first 2 were better. Not sure why but it is hard to vape this one, almost like it’s plugged. So not a very good buzz. But my first 2 were different flavours and they were fine

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  12. Samantha dit :

    I love using this product when I’m out and about. The smell is discreet and tastes great! People think it’s just a regular old vape pen so they have very Lil oder! The battery does die but u are able to finish what’s inside before that happens so that’s nice!

  13. Rudy dit :


    After figuring out how to use this pen, it was AMAZING. The taste is unbelievable and the quality is excellent. It’s great on the go and has no smell, great for my chronic pain.

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  14. Nicole Alicia Alli dit :

    I was hesitant with ordering my medicinals online, however, with the prompt customer service and thorough answers to all my questions I felt at ease. Fast delivery and excellent quality! Thank you.

  15. Mathieu dit :

    I love the phant pen because its so smooth and the feeling is awesome and the tangerine flavor is great ! Love this product and delivered in 3 day ! 10/10 ??

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