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Faible Med Haut

Sophie's Breath is a rare Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain (70% Sativa/30% Indica) created through crossing the classic Sophisticated Lady (Sophie's Cut) X Mendobreath F2 strains. Organic version and this is Koots Boutique's STAPLE strain.

The potent combination of Sophisticated Lady (Sophie’s Cut) X Mendobreath F2 strains yields a super delicious bud with flavors that will leave you begging for more. Sophie’s Breath LSO has a super sweet berry earthy inhale with hints of rich spicy vanilla upon exhale.

The Sophie’s Breath high comes on soon after your first exhale, rushing into your mind with pure lifted euphoria before spreading her warming effects all over your body. As your mind expands with a touch of focus and giggly creativity, your body will start to relax into a slightly couch-locked state that doesn’t affect your energy level in the slightest. Rather, you’ll be pain-free and totally at ease with the world around you as your mind lifts and expands to new heights.

This bud has lumpy popcorn-shaped olive green nugs with rich blue undertones, bright orang hairs, and a coating of vibrant amber crystal trichomes.

The aroma is very earthy and fruity with a pungent overtone that’s accented by sour berries and deep organic vanilla. Koots Boutique even enhances the vanilla flavours by using organic vanilla beans in the organic soil.

Grown in beds of living soil
Nine weeks to full maturation
Small batch, only 12 light rooms
The living, organic soil is crafted to provide the plants with the biological activity and minerals they need to thrive. Proper mineral levels, active nutrient cycling and functional microbial populations, allow for the most nutrient-dense, mineral rich, disease resistant crops to be grown. No chemical salt based fertilizers used.

What is the big deal with LSO weed? Learn more ici.

Hung to dry for 14 days and trimmed by hand

Grown in Nelson BC, the mecca of BC bud. The community of local growers in this small mountain town have been pioneers of cannabis production since the 70’s, and today they continually push innovation and continue to be leaders in Canadian cannabis cultivation that is recognized on the global stage.

Details about the tender love and care:

  • Full plant 14 day hung dry @ 60 degrees and 60% humidity
  • After that, hand trimmed and straight to bag
  • Soil was made by Mr.Captain with a recipe handed down over time
  • Soil has been maturing for 3 years, what this means is that it is proven to be an optimal environment to create premium LSO weed

What is LSO weed?

The Terre vivante organique growing and cultivation method is basically growing cannabis the way Mother Earth intended it to be. Without pesticides, man made chemcials or GMO additives. The living soil and composte material are used together to create a natural environment for the cannabis plant to THRIVE during its seedling, vegetative and flowering cycles. It has taken Koots Boutique 3 years to get the soil just right and it’s an ongoing project. These plants are healthy and use natural techniques to deter pests and mould. Meticulous care of the plants is needed so the batches will be much smaller.

For a potent LSO weed option please try the Cookies de la mort LSO.

At Kootenayz Boutique their number one goal is to cultivate the highest quality of rare exotic cannabis strains for their Canadian family. Every strain is done in craft batches to provide the utmost care and attention to every single plant. Each harvest is between 7-10 pounds only. Every 6 weeks. So that you’re always getting the best fresh LSO weed in all of Canada.

As you all know by know, quality is defined in many different and subjective ways depending on where you are shopping Usually by the A, AA, AAA, AAAA  rating system. But our team of cultivators rely on their experience and knowledge of the plants to carefully select and grow the strains that they would define as top quality craft cannabis… meaning AAAA but with a cherry on top. Aroma, terpene profile, flavour profile, texture, nug density, growing environment, and feed. These are only some of the factors that go into the Koots Boutique thought process.

Effets :
Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Giggly, Uplifting
Médical :
Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression, Fatigue, Stress
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buy Koots Boutique living soil organics weed online Canada
Living soil organics cannabis only
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Growing healthy, potent, and exotic cannabis strains using zero pesticides, fungicides and/or man-made chemicals. Organic and craft sized batches only!

Living Soil Cannabis: what is the big deal? Read here.

The Koots Boutique Process

The organic living soil we use has been perfected over 5 years of trial and error. We use a combination of compost organic matter, teas, and herbs together to create a natural environment for the cannabis plant during its seedling, vegetative and flowering cycles. These plants are healthy and use natural techniques to deter pests and mould. The way it should be.


5 réponses à “Sophie’s Breath LSO”

  1. JF QC dit :

    Ohhhhh WoW 😊

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Ohhhhh WoW 😊
    4,5 Stars !!
    Super Nice Buds
    Aroma and Taste : Fantastic
    Very Good High
    High Quality !!!

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  2. Adrian E dit :
    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    I decided to try out the LSO stuff. Was not dissapointed. Great looking bud, strong but not overwhelming smell. Burns nicely to white ash in a bowl, smooth smoke not harsh. Its great for evening relax time. I will be trying out some other LSO next order for sure.

    Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Oui Non

  3. Jonathan dit :


    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Premium Sophie’s from Koots Boutique. Nice berry aroma at the smell and the burn of the flower. I was also able to figure a hint of vanilla. Really appreciate the buzz and manage to find focus with this hybrid flower. Love it so much, I just ordered it again. Thanks Koots for this beauty!!

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  4. El Jefe dit :

    A Quad Indeed

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    For me this is basically perfect bud.

    Very similar to the Sophie’s Punch that Ghost put out several months ago.

    Lovely terps, super clean smoke, great taste, fantastic entourage effect with this stuff, solid long lasting high.
    The description is quite accurate.

    THC/CBD % feels accurate as well.

    Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Oui Non

  5. Evan G dit :

    Quad quad quad quad

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    This is just incredible weed. It has a verryyyyyy long lasting euphoric buzz. Me and my girl were giggling like crazy until this warm relaxing sensation wrapped us up and took us to bed where we had some INCREDIBLE sex. F*ckin love this flower. They nugs are mostly orange with a deep purple and almost no leaf, the cure and trim is perfect. Quad all day. And the price is too good!

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