Supercritical Lindsay Refill Cartridge (97% High THC)

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9 réponses à “Supercritical Lindsay Refill Cartridge (97% High THC)”

  1. Eric dit :

    Best vape Ever had!

    Hello WP friends, this one will feel like the “crack” of weed period!!!! With no after taste or smell!!!!! Be sure to be done work before trying ;)

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  2. Charles-antoine dit :

    too thick

    Does not vape good . The liquid is way to thick . I try to contact white plam they are telling me its normal. I would not buy this again .

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  3. Doug dit :

    Nice but to expensive

    This is a nice cartridge. I have tried most of the ones here at White Palm and have not been disjointed. The taste is nice, cartridge draws well and effect is ok. The only complaint I would have is that the product is not nearly good enough to rate the price. I can get other carts on this site that do just as well but cost $30 – $40 less. I am not sure why they are so proud of this one that the price is so high but due to that fact alone I will not be ordering another. That being said, it was a very nice cartridge.

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    • Eric dit :

      Hi Doug! Did you not taste the smoothness? The no smell factor? the immediate high? May I ask the type of pen you were using to vape it with? I can point you in the right direction :) Eric from NB

      Contact me buddy!

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      • Doug dit :

        Hello Eric, I am using a South Coast variable battery on the cartridge. As I said in my review it is a nice cartridge but way to expensive. To your question regarding the smoothness, smell factor and immediate high I would say yes, I noticed as I have on many different carts. This cartridge has the highest listed THC but the effects don’t seem to justify the numbers to me. It is listed as such high THC but I get better effects out of some of the TOKO carts and find products with much less listed THC hit much harder. I really enjoy the SC carts but have to wonder about the THC levels listed as they seem off to me. As a long time smoker and Medical user I am pretty experienced with these things. This one just does not rate the price as I can now find stronger solutions for half the price now and the prices keep dropping. To each their own though, it will be a different experience for each person but this one will never grace my shelf again unless they drop at least 40 – 50 % off the cost.

  4. Amber dit :


    at this price point I was admittedly skeptical and my expectations were high, but I was heading out on roadtrip slash cruise and these cartridges were an easy hassle free option, which are also pretty damn tasty.. Lindsay definitely brings it home, long lasting, mind you she likes to go bed early, so use accordingly ;)

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  5. Kevin dit :

    South Coast super critical

    Nice easy to use cartridge

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  6. Jerome dit :

    First time I try south coast product and its super effective.
    Not the last time I buy .
    Super product

  7. Brian dit :

    Absolutely fantastic!
    Please make lots more lol

  8. Kevin dit :

    Nice tasting clean and easy to use, I use the adjustable battery to adjust for the kind of hit I like. Two thumbs up

  9. Eric dit :

    Still great smoke and now the chance to win 1000$ worth :) Yet they used to be 80$… Still recommend thoough, if you want discreet, atomatic ringing, BUZZ, followed by a body buzz. :)+110% on product.

  10. Benjamin dit :

    Price is a little out to lunch.

  11. amanda dit :

    Thank you Ashley for recommending this product its amazing!

  12. Stu dit :

    let me say first that this is some of the best oil EVER. and it should be for the price. that being said I did find that it did not vape well through any of my crappy china 501 buttonless vape pens. but once I put this on my Toko battery with the preheat feature and the different voltages omg its just scary. the buzz is crazy good. I find it to be almost a kush like high with a very heavy zzzzzzzzzzz right behind the eyes. lasts me for at least 2.5 hours and sometimes more. makes me very hungry. good job White Palm. I know its expensive but its still a fairly good value overall.

  13. Clayton dit :

    I got this product back in december and wow! Taste was undescribeably delicious! And very powerful! I still have about 1/4 cartridge left,as this is used for special occasions only!

  14. Stu dit :

    Fantastic oil for sure. if anything I would say its a bit expensive but its 97%. is this cartridge reusable? it wont come apart easily and I’m not about to really crank on it while its full.

  15. Chris dit :

    This is a wonderful strong product. I enjoyed it but just shatter alone goes alot further for your buck. This is great if your travelling and don’t want to mess around. I’d buy it again but for a hassle free treat.

  16. Christopher dit :

    These things are the future! honestly the best thing since sliced bread! No loading or messing around. Just thread onto your 510 mod battery and medicate away. Its incredibly potent and smooth as hell! Would highly recommend!

  17. Dee-Ann dit :

    Wonderful vape cartridge. It was my first one and I didn’t know that it didn’t come with the battery, newbie mistake so I had to go buy one.P.S. the smoking dragon battery works it. This vape is excellent for on the go when you have chronic pain. Looks like you are smoking an ecigarette. Only thing is I wish it was cheaper. I’ve just ordered the greasy pink cartridge hoping it is just as good or better because it has a higher cbd in it.=)

  18. John dit :

    I will have to aggree with Bill great product, one of the best CO2 oils I have tried, South Coast produces a quality product. However price is way too expensive (for .5ml of product) for me..That is the only reason I gave it a 4star instead of 5

  19. Alessandro dit :

    “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” – Mohammad Ali. This sucker packs a punch. Careful if you need to be ‘functional’ because this will make all your aches disappear your mind chill out and slow down and you will sleep like a baby.

  20. Bill dit :

    And yes it is a bit pricey. I’d love to afford more decently made oil but it’s very expensive. Hopefully things will settle down as more organisations produce the finer things possible with cannabis. I’m in my 60’s now I’ve waited a long long time to be able to smoke legally and without fear (unless I need to drive somewhere (but that’s another subject). Bill

  21. Bill dit :

    I have met the Lord and her name is Lindsay …….

  22. Eric dit :

    One toke and you are fine. even as a heavy smoker, I found this to be the highest quality product i’ve smoked in 22 years. A1

  23. James dit :

    It is Awsome stuff…What is left for the future this is best way to catch a buzz.
    A patch that is what I’m waiting for its coming..

  24. dan dit :

    Taste is okay and thc 97 percent ….not sure ! i payed 80 bucks and now its 100 bucks ! come on white palm its a good product but wayyyy to pricy !

  25. Terence dit :

    This is a ur real product! I usually get pretty paranoid and get anxiety after smoking weed but this just gets me baked but also mellows me right out no stress no anxiety or paranoia, found my favourite strain definitely ordering more

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