‘Greasy’ Ghost Hash Rosin

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12 réponses à “‘Greasy’ Ghost Hash Rosin”

  1. Amber dit :

    Exceeds it's reputation

    Full flavour terp profile! Definitely lives up to the hype, I was not disappointed, very tasty and relaxing indeed, great for chronic pain and migraines

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  2. jack dit :


    Boooo!! It’s a must

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  3. Scott dit :

    Greasy Hash Rosin? Yes please!

    Such a beautiful dark rosin. A wallop of rich flavour and a near immediate effect on inhale followed by the calm, inspired and creative, “greasy” coast.into a very pleasant oblivion. This one leads to a sleepier place than the, “Greasy Pink”
    Always a top notch product when it’s Southcoast
    Thanks gwpalm.com

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  4. Thomas dit :

    Waay too runny despite freezer storage

    I LOVED THIS…..but it was so runny everytime even after being kept in tbe freezer or cheese drawer. Cpuldnt string out a dab had to always just scrape some on the tip of my dab pen and rub it around. But seemed so oily it was like it melted before i even got to dab it. Felt like 25% of my rosin was lost to either parchment paper/ dab tool/ etc. Amazing taste and great pain and mental relief but extremely annoying to work with. Wish there was a better price or at least a sample pack

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  5. Garth dit :

    Outstanding for many ailments

    Combats my pain better than an opiate and no physical withdraw if Whitepalm dropped the Rosin Ball… In all my extensive orders they have been providing peace of mind with each order and quality. When I fell ill they added over the weight I requested and Genuine compassion. Thank You Whitepalm.

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  6. Ziggy dit :

    Was expecting more

    I certainly need more than one to get the job done and the taste versus the medicinal effect is left wanting . All in all great medicine but I’m still unsure if the extra cost compared to other South coast products is warranted.

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  7. Francis dit :


    Tasty recomended!!!

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  8. Aysia dit :


    90% THC.. How do you pass that up? You don’t.

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  9. Greg dit :


    This stuff is a bit pricey but a good treat. Sticky/thinner consistency but manageable once in a non stick container. One dab for a heavy but comfortable stone.

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  10. Raj dit :

    So I give this 5 stars because its the Ghost, but really I want to give it 4 stars. The problem with this oil is that it is very very sticky.. to a point where it doesn’t come off the parchment paper unless you are using the inside of your freezer. This is a pain because you have to do this every time you want a dab. I have made my own rosin from the greasy ghost flower, and it did not stick like this stuff. My rosin was very easy to work with.. this leads me to believe that are squishing for too long. which commonly makes overly sticky oil. Some of the oil went to waste as I couldn’t get it all off the paper. The high itself is good, but had to use a lot more than I would with my home-made rosin in order to get the same high. For the price, the standards should be a little better with this rosin. I will say that a fat dab will give a very very nice strong high, body and mind.

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  11. Angel dit :

    Omg amazing

    I suffer from insomnia, p.t.s.d, anxiety and major pain issues. This rosin is absolutely a must have. Haven’t had any problems since smoking it. Ty so much!

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  12. Michael dit :

    The rosin to save my life from 30 years of depression filled days this pure medicine gave me my life back

    Hello my name is Mike and I’m a patient who’s been afflicted and my guess many others with invisable illness and unknown ones are going to find they can cure themselves if they try this beautiful rosin that’s put me into remission fast and two days of the ghost hash from the best friends I’ve ever had they’re more than a company to me there family now this is purely the finest rosin I’ve ever sampled and not much I’ve spent massive money on dabs an nothing compared to this quality of meds the finest bc world famous meds are at Whitepalm ppl I assure this feel like a new man ty Ashley & Dean An team Blue eyes ?????????‼️??‼️

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